Article comment system bug found (i think i posted in wrong forum)

At the bottom of every article on tomshardware, there is a comment area

but there is a problem with it

it you are signed it, you will be unable to click on next pare or prevous page, it just sends you up to the top of the page

the only way to be able to go to the next page in the comments is to first sign out then it works fine

I recorded a video to better show this problem

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  1. I've never used Tom's forum, but I've been reading Tomshardware for years, and I am VERY frustrated with it lately.

    This is just one of the bugs you've found, there are many many more, mostly related to comments box and login screen. And I'm kinda glad that other people are complaining too. I'll post these in all threads about this websites problems I can find..

    Here is a list of problems:
    - when selecting "Print" on the bottom of the article, I need to login. First off, WHY? I never had to login before.. And second of all, this can't be right way to display login form:
    Also, sometimes whole login popup looks all messed up
    - than we have comments, that look like this:
    (so you're lucky that you can see them at all!)
    - also in comments, I can't submit anything, I have to refresh page dozens of times, before javascript finaly catches on and posts it
    (a bit like your next never catching on)
    - while on buttons that don't work, those "all ratings", "good", "bad" links don't work 99% of the time
    - I can't edit or preview my comment even though I'm logged in
    - while reading article, if I want to jump to another page in article, dropdown box doesn't work 99% of the time, so I'm forced to click "next" 20 pages down to get to conclusion for example, and I couldn't even edit URL in addressbar cos I can't see how many pages it has, whch should be on the first page of every article
    - when selecting "print" option, and I have to say I do it mostly because of bug before that, so I can get to what I'm interested in quickly, I get a forced "print" javascript, which is annoying. The more so, when I save URL of "print article" page, and whenever I open it it forces me to print (I don't have a printer, so it triggers "do you want to install printer" which is double-annoying)

    I've probably forgot something while typing, but this site needs A HUGE BUG FIX ASAP!
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