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I'm building a computer for my friend and I'm having trouble starting it up for the first time. The first time I turned it on I had the hard drive graphics card ram and processor in and it would not turn on. Second I tried unplugging the harddrive and it started up. After I turned it off and tried turning on again it did the same thing as it did when the hard drive was plugged in. I assumed it was a bad power supply so we returned it and got another but I am now having the same problem. When I turn on the power supply it makes a chirping sound and the power LED flashes and then I can't turn on anything. I tried taking everything out and turning it on with just the cpu in and still the same problem. I'm thinking the CPU or Motherboard might be bad can anyone help?
I forgot to mention, I have the CPU seated correctly the ram too was seated properly as was the graphics card and all the LEDs and powere switched are connected properly.
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  1. Did the Power Supply have all the necessary motherboard connections? List Specs of machine.
  2. And if it did have all of the necessary plugs (and assuming you plugged them in correctly.... it's not completely fool-proof), consider a grounding issue to be the problem here.
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