Space for Case -

Best Case for the enclosed space?
Budget = $150 - $300

Size of Space:
25"L - see below
21"H - see below

Size, airflow and accessibility.
Available height will reduce to 19" if I don't remove the sliding tray. I should add that this tray is not particularly usable as video cables are not long enough to allow full extension. Because of this I like being able to get my hands over the top or around the sides. Current case is 16.5 tall as shown in picture below. Image how frustrating it would if you couldn't get your hands behind there to plug everything in. I guess I could find some 15' DVI cables and make my life easier.

Available depth will reduce 1.5" in order to plug in power, video etc...
Width should not be an issue.

There is a door on the cover of this enclosure and has air holes on the side and top.
Don't want a door covering up the optical drives - but could remove if necessary.
Would like Audio I/O and USB ports in front for easy access.

Need good air flow - I like cases with fans on left side and top as they match the air holes in the enclosure.

Any recommendations for the best case would be greatly appreciated. I think I'm restricted to mid tower, but not sure.

TJ-09 - LOVE this case, but don't think it will fit. Favorite so far.
Antec 900 - leaning towards this case. Will probably work fine - but not sure what power supply to use for bottom mount.
Stacker 830 - looks very good too but also may not fit.
Antec P190 - looks very good too but also may not fit.

Also not sure what GPU I will get. Now that I have $$ for this case is probably why I have no more time for gaming :( I do have two monitors and would like to not upgrade for another 2 years. DX10 - don't know enough about it - but like being up to date.

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  1. I can not help but wonder how you can keep your computer cool inside that cabinate even with those holes drilled in it. 8O
  2. Yep - that's why I was looking at something with fairly good air flow.

    In the summer I usually keep the door open because the air inside the cabinet gets kinda hot.

    I keep the side panel off all the time - so that's why I wasn't too concerned about the absence of fan filters in the Antec 900.

    I'm overdue for an upgrade and ready to start building.

    Still on the fence between the Antec 900 or the SS TJ09. It would be a very tight fit with the Silverstone. Or liquid cooling may be the best bet, but I don't much about liquid cooling.

    What is the best option?

    Here is the outside:
  3. lian li PC V 1000
  4. I read up on lian li PC V 1000 case also - it looks VERY nice and not quite as tall as the Silver Stone.

    Only thing is that there are no fans on top - either I go w/ liquid cooling - again I don't know much about it or I think I should stick with a case that is going to blow air out the top of the enclosure.

    Otherwise I'll be just circulating hot air.
  5. Well my Antec 900 case is 19 inches tall so I do not think that you would have any clearance for the top fan in the case. I also have the case where the first slot can be a problem for motherboards that have a video card in the first slot. It is my understanding that Antec will manufacture a revised case that fixes the clearance problem but I do not know if it is available yet. That cabinate that you show uses only passive cooling (no fans) and putting a hotter running system in it is just asking for a heat related failure down the line. I assume that the purpose of that cabinate is to secure the computer?
  6. Quote:
    Well my Antec 900 case is 19 inches tall so I do not think that you would have any clearance for the top fan in the case.

    In this case, I think that less clearance would force the air out of the desk instead of circulating the air inside the desk. I could be wrong. The TJ09 is 20.66 inches tall.

    That cabinate that you show uses only passive cooling (no fans) and putting a hotter running system in it is just asking for a heat related failure down the line. I assume that the purpose of that cabinate is to secure the computer?

    Yes the purpose is to store the computer - I could install a fan in the desk/cabinet but would rather solve the problem w/out another set of wires and plugs. As is my desks with accessories has far too many plugs.

    Still caught in limbo between the TJ09 and the 900. I think the TJ09 will just barely fit if I take out the sliding drawer. Then there is the thought of liquid cooling. But I have no idea about maintenance or size requirements.

    Thanks for the post. I'm having a tough time making the decision.
  7. Water cooling also depends on ambiet temps for the radiator, so if you do go with water cooling you only have two options... mounting the radiator on the outside of your cabinet (screwdrive and some bolts should work...) or mount it on a side 120mm fan mount...

    But the principle of watercooling is silent cooling or performance... I think you'd probably end up overpaying for something you don't really need if you go watercooling... but it would work, maybe really nicely if you mount the radiator on the outisde of your cabinet...

    But like I said, it's pretty darn expensive...

    Edit: I just remembered... you could get a TEC unit that will cool your CPU just fine even under high ambient temps... check out the Titan Amanda or Vigor Monsoon...
  8. I read about the Armada in Tom's Holiday Guide.

    Is there much maintenance on these units?

    Any other opinions out there on Silverstone TJ09 vs Antec 900?

    Thanks in advance.
  9. There is no maintenance... I'll give you some linkies:

    They all really like it, but it is heavy (heaviest cooler on the market I think, Tuniq Tower has nothing on this)...

    Basic premise is that a peltier unit uses electricity on a plate to generate a hot-side and a cold-side (guess which side goes where) which is supposed to aid in cooling. This way, the unit itself can cool the processor to below ambient in some cases (Amanda doesn't do this because that generates another another ton of problems) but the main point is its ability to cool with no relation to ambient temps...

    Might work out well...
  10. The problem with the pelletier element is that it generates a lot of heat of it's own. But it still performs really well in warmer environement.

    I personally thinking of the Vigor Monsoon II, 50$ more but with a nice 5.25 bay and only 1 fan, might be a little more quiet.

    I think the Antec 900 would be good for you, superb airflow apparently and huge top exhaust should work great!

    If the Tj09 doesnt fit (because its to deep?) the Tj07 is taller but a bit more shallow and it's almost the same price as TJ09 (for the time being, TJ09 should drop ~250)
  11. TJ09 - at $285 now. I think it is a bit nicer than the Antec 900. It is going to be a tight fit with the TJ09 - but I think it will come down to 1-2 mm clearance on the depth. I'll measure yet one more time to be sure :wink:

    900 should offer a little more room but will need to double check and make sure new GPU will fit in slot one or wait for revision. The difference in price would offset the H20 cooling...

    TJ07 too tall won't fit -

    Another nice option - "Doughbuy" - mounting the radiator outside - hose could run out the back and sit behind the desk out of sight.

    You guys are helpful!! THANKS!!

    Still a tough decision - any other thoughts on these two cases?
  12. Casewise the TJ-09 is probably better, but does it justify the $100+ premium over the 900?? I'd prefer the 900, since that in itself will help provide some decently adequate airflow. Wait for the new revision, and then get it.

    I personally can't find myself paying nearly 300 for a case...
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