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I just bought a new 6800gs cause my 6800gt died a little while ago and my old fx5700 wasn't quite cutting the mustard. I don't seem to be getting the correct performance for my card. I have it overclocked at 495/1200 from 425/1000. I get around 1470 in the 3dmark 06 PS2.0 test which seems right. But its in games that it seems inadequate. In NFS:MW i get between 25-50 fps with the average probably being around 30 if im lucky. In quake 4 on high detail (the card has 512mb of vram) i get around 40 - 50 fps i dont hit the 60fps limiter all to often. And my cpu is no being taken up by other processes. So does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks
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  1. remember that the 6800GS is a trimmed down version of the 6800GT, so it will not perform as well. and looking at your specs, you may want to consider upgrading, your system is getting a little bit on the old side, and will not perform as well with more recent games.
  2. Yes but check Toms interactive vga charts and my card when it is overclocked beats a 6800u which is paired with a better CPU. And also other reviews I have seen of the 6800gs it has been reviewed with normally an Athlon64 3500+. My CPU when overclocked as it is beats a A643200+ by a decent margin so just straight away telling me to upgrade doesn't help me at all. F.E.A.R. also runs faster than a 6800u. At max detail 1024x768 my average frames is about 50 ish if i remember correctly
  3. F YOU PAUL!!!
  4. What shit are you on.
  5. Having a socket A cpu is not helping your framerates there bud. NFS:MW is a pretty demanding game.

    I just got "Carbon" tonight and I predict you'll definately be playing on low details if you get it.
  6. Yea that was my first thought but i can't figure out why fear runs as it should compared to other 6800gs/ultra's but not nfs:mw
  7. :twisted:
  8. Where did you find an AGP 6800GS with a 425MHz core that hits 495MHz? That's huge speeds for the AGP's. That can't be NV40.

    Most AGP's are 350MHz and cry when pushed much above 400MHz. Shoot, my BFG 6800U OC came factory clocked with a 425MHz core and the most she would give me is 435MHz.
  9. i still think your expecting something out of hardware that just isn't what you think it is. the 6800 series is now two generations old with the 8800 out. granted they are (8800's) way overpowered for any game atm, the 7800's were more then twice as powerful as a 6800, and its likely that a 8800's will be more then twice the power of a 7800, its even likely that it has more raw power then quad SLI. thats how it works. fear never ran well on my brothers 6800, idk what your expecting out of such an old card. and your CPU is definitely holding you back. i was "testing" my brothers 7900GS while his new PCIE motherboard was still in shipping, and the difference between my athlon64 @ 2.8ghz compared to his still at 1.8 were beyond words. even at stock speeds at 2.2 it hammers his comp. and a i can barely tell the difference (on his comp) in games, between his old 6800 and his new 7900GS. dual cores still aren't necessary, but for games like fear and half life 2 a good proc is still a must. and any socket A wont take the heat even compared to older procs like mine, much less conroes or X2's.

    not trying to sound harsh or put you down. but you seem grossly misinformed, if your getting 50 FPS in fear all settings maxed on a 6800 i personally wouldn't complain. that basically qualifies as positive e-penis points
  10. Um you don't understand. I am quite happy that F.E.A.R. is running well. I was just wondering why NFS:MW was running slower than SIMILAR systems. That is what you did not understand. I know my socket A cpu gets its ass handed by a conroe or X2, I never disputed that. You just assumed that I am stupid. And just so you know, I figured out why NFS:MW was getting lowish frames. The drivers had defaulted to V-sync on for the NFS:MW profile.
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