Second Take: Saving The PC Gaming Biz

The PC Gaming Alliance has come forward with plans for improving gaming on the computer. Ben and Rob discuss the group's strategy and the potential problems the PCGA could have meeting their goals.

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Is the PCGA going to make an impact?

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  1. Man, I have no idea if this alliance is going to be able to accomplish anything. A year ago, I though that I knew where things were going, but now I have no clue. NVidia, AMD, Intel, Microsoft - all seem to have competing interests in a future PC format that I'm not sure that anyone has a firm grip on.

    I mean it seems like more and more game processing functions are getting off-loaded onto cards. So, I can now see a future where Microsoft crunches its latest XBox onto a card and you can run the latest XBox Games on your PC. Or something like that. In any case, I think the old CPU/GPU paradigm is about to go out the window.
  2. Epic Games - Continually lambasts PC consumers that made them a success, has shifted focus away from the PC to create mediocre crap that is purchased in droves by Console gamers. They bitched and moaned about PC gamers not buying a product (UT3) which offers less than their pervious Unreal Tournament 2004 game using the piracy fallacy for poor sales. They should be kicked out for the amount of stupid ignorant comments about the platform and PC gamers, from their employees (Cliffy B the douche bag) and their amazingly lost in space CEO. Epic can’t complete with their tired ideas and 1997 gameplay on the PC anymore.

    Intel - Pushing their horrible integrated GPU's onto consumers claiming that dedicated GPU's will be a thing of the past directly targeting Nvidia directly.

    Microsoft – Effectively slowed down PC gaming by introducing an incredibly costly decision to join the console hardware market. Directx, which progressed leaps and bounds ahead of Open GL before has now just become a marketing tool for them to push when it’s convenient for another hardware console. Wonder why DX10 isn’t anything worthwhile? It might be due to the fact it wouldn’t be in Microsoft’s interest to release a significant update to their API when their own gaming console cannot even take advantage of it. It would shift the focus away from their bread and butter to a platform in which they really don’t suck in that much money from licensing, if any at all. There isn’t competition anymore between OpenGL and DirectX so PC gamers are now dependant on waiting for the next API’s when a new console generation comes along.

    Nvidia/ATI – Two competing GPU’s manufactures often finding their way into publisher’s pocketbooks promoting their hardware above the competition. “The way it’s meant to be played”.

    The simple fact is that American consumers, when it comes to computers, are absolutely lost in the sauce. They will spend thousands of dollars on things in which they don’t know what they purchased in the first place. Integrated GPU’s which is Intel’s bread and butter for example should be criminal to sell to consumers now days unless the computer is for sale to businesses only. Consumer education is the best thing the PCGA could ever possibly do but that doesn’t work in the favor to most hardware vendors that continue to sell absolute garbage at premium prices and especially not for retail stores such as BestBuy. Everything is stacked against the PCGA to educate consumers especially when it’s filled with hardware vendors that prey upon those morons for a profit.

    The only thing the PCGA could do is dispel some of the dumbest individuals spamming internet forums about how PC gaming is dying, how crapy it is, and how nothing sells from 12 year old console fanboys. NPD group are dinosaurs and only now are finally going to looking at digital distribution and subscription based revenue. Didn’t we hear the exact same jazz about the music industry dying because nobody was purchasing CD’s at retail? Yeah look where that ended up after people finally took the effort to look at the issue.

    Get rid of the awful integrated GPU’s, motherboards that don’t have PCI-E or APG expansion ports, and call out developers whining like girls about piracy when their products don’t sell well. There are more than enough PC exclusive developers that make a profit with slim to none over bearing DRM all over their products. If a PC developer that was made a success on the PC then cries about their “newest” game not selling well, then shifts focus to a closed platform, other PC developers who are able to compete need to call them out for what they are, talentless hacks who cannot handle a platform that strives on competition.
  3. @catbus1...

    Holy Smokes - Have an opinion much? But you're spot on about Epic. I remember that CEO interview - the guy could not have been more transparent about his utter lack of concern about the PC platform. I couldn't tell if he had drank the console Kool-Aid or was just some MBA dipsh!t that didn't know crap about gaming.
  4. Chazwuzzer said:

    Holy Smokes - Have an opinion much? But you're spot on about Epic. I remember that CEO interview - the guy could not have been more transparent about his utter lack of concern about the PC platform. I couldn't tell if he had drank the console Kool-Aid or was just some MBA dipsh!t that didn't know crap about gaming.

    Are you referring to the interview Tom's Games did with Mark Rein at GDC? The one where Travis asked why Epic published a PC version of Gears of War and Rein replied "I don't know"? Or is there another interview out there where he shows a complete lack of interest in the PC?

    Truthfully, I'm glad that Epic is on board with the PCGA. And here's why: they're still a great company. Yes, I know UT3 was not what many hoped and it felt like a consolized port. Yes, I know Epic has been focusing on the consoles with titles like Gears. And yes, I know the UE3 has caused some problems for Devs. But...I'd be more upset if Epic didn't join the PCGA and take an active role in the future of PC gaming.
  5. Rob,

    Yeah that was the interview that I was thinking of, although he's said plenty of contradictory and inexplicable things about the Xbox, PS3 and PCs in several other interviews. I mean, he claims to be a gamer, but he has very strange opinions about current events. Oh, and I guess he's only a VP, although I thought that he was a co-founder or something.
  6. Not gonna happen folks, sorry, but ATI, nVidia, Microsoft, Intel, AMD getting along?? Good luck!!

    Bottom line is that mom and dad that buy the consoles and the games for their kids look at gaming as "where is the power plug" that is their level of experience and that is all they care about.

    Showing diagrams of motherboard, chipsets, video card as minimum to run XYZ game is ridiculous -- gamers that buy consoles don't care anything about motherboads, nor video cards, nothing. They just wanna plug it in the power outlet and play, end of story.

    That will NOT happen on the PC platform, ever! Especially if Microsoft lead the way...ugh, have you seen Windows 7?? More of the same crap in Vista.
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