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i have put a gforce graphics card on my emachine . this card has went bad the drivers are installed on windows xp . this computer has an onboard video but now i cant get the monitor to work on this plug . is this because of the driver for the gforce card is still installed ? if so how can i get this driver off without the monitor ? help
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  1. You need to pull the nVidia card if you havent, unplug your computer from the wall or power supply, get inside your case and pull the cmos battery.

    After you pop the battery back in, boot your machine back up with your monitor plugged into your onboard plug, and your good to go.

    If you've never pulled a cmos battery dont fret, it's the size of a quarter and pops right out.

    If your owners manual has a jumper to clear the cmos then you can use that as well.
  2. I'm assuming when the monitor is plugged into the onboard video connector, you get nothing just a solid black screen or the screen with a no signal detected warning, in that case pull the power from the Emachines Tower and kill the Monitor power, remove the case cover, find the CMOS battery about the size of a quarter, remove it, leave it out for about 2min, put it back in, exactly the same orientation that it was in when you removed it, reinstall the case cover, power it up with the monitor hooked to the motherboard video output.

    Removing the battery will cause it to default to its factory setting, and when starting up you'll probably get CMOS Checksum defaults press [whatever to enter], press what it tells you to press, go in the setup and reset the Date and Time to its proper setting, save and exit.

    Emachines setup navigation instructions for navigating in the CMOS setup are either at the bottom of the screen or the top, I forget which, but while in the CMOS setup do not change anything but the DATE and Time, seeing as how you do not know what you're doing in there.
  3. ROFLMAO :lol: You out typed me! Cool
  4. i have tryed this still no picture
  5. You didn't remove the old video card with the PC or the Monitor still powered up did you?
  6. yes i did remove the old video card
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