Do fans destroy Hard Drives?

This is a question I couldnt find an answer for. Hopefully someone can help me out.

Will a Vantec Tornado 80mm fan effect my Hard Drive? The fan in the intake fan, so its right under the hard drive. Do fans create magnetic fields or anything? I did hear magnets mess up the Hard Drive.

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  1. Ok, just wondering.
  2. i use to work at seagate, assembling hdd,s
    the magnets in those are very powerful.
    i mean veerryy powerful 8O

    those were the 5and1/4 hdd, back in the early 90,s
    not sure about 3and1/2 hdd,s
  3. Im not worried about the HD messing up the fan, the fan messing up the hard drive is what I am worried about.

    So fans do not create a magnetic field?
  4. Absolutely not.If anything,a fan will help to keep the hard drive cool so it will last longer.Lay your fears to rest.Goodluck.


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  5. no worries mate :)
  6. It's not as crazy as it sounds. DC motors do have magnets in the them but they are fairly weak although maybe long term exposure could have an effect. If you put a metal screwdriver between the blades it should have a slight attraction to the hub. I imagine Seagate etc. could tell you the field strength that would cause problems and then you could ask the fan manufacturer what the strength of the magnet is. B*llocks to that though. Just buy a new drive in 3-4 years time.
  7. If fans could hurt HDDs why would HDD coolers have fans?


    Find something to worry about that has warrant! ROFLMAO :lol:
  8. the fan has a magnet right around the rim(hub, inside) and an electro magent(coils) inside...

    But it is far too weak to panitrate the drives own case...

    Ure good to go....
  9. can a magnet stick to a fan?
  10. Yeah use superglue or epoxy resin. :lol:

    Seriously though the magnet runs around the base of the fan blades inside the hub. So I guess a magnet would stick but it might mess up the fan action and would cause noise/bearing wear if it was off center.
  11. Just to be a pedant : most motors contain iron so a magnet would stick anyway. flip the magnet and see if it repulses. (it will)

    On topic: As has been said the hard disk is more likley to damage the fan.
  12. Never thought about that.

    Well I guess this topic is closed unless anyone wants to say something.

    Thanks guys.
  13. here is a link 4 ya 2 read,aid,116572,pg,1,00.asp
    its about hard drives and magnets. hope it helps your mind 2 be at ease! :)
  14. Quote:
    If fans could hurt HDDs why would HDD coolers have fans?


    Find something to worry about that has warrant! ROFLMAO :lol:

    What's more, countless cases (including mine) have intake fans adjacent to the HDD cage, blowing air right on them.
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