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Ok, I'm running a PIII 1ghz on a VT6X4, whenever I have an internet explorer/windows explorer open, my system will freeze randomly, although my mouse still moves. When I ctrl-alt-del no close program box opens up, but if i do it again, my system restarts as if it had. Occasionally, when I ctrl-alt-del, I get a blue screen that says windows is not responding, press any key to wait, I do that, and it goes to windows with the close program window open, I can close the ie/windows explorer through that and my system works normally unless it happens again. Bought new RAM so that probably isn't the problem, if you have any ideas, plz post.
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  1. Do you ever get any error messages?

    I would run the usual scandisk / antivirus stuff.

    Try to see if there is a pattern.

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  2. It did it immediately after I reformatted, happened twice, might be my cpu, as it started happening a month or 2 after I got it and that was the only thing I had upgraded til then.
  3. I seriously doubt that you are having DRAM problems, because I get the same stuff out of W98SE myself. So, don't feel alone. I have reformatted and started all over a couple of times just to see when this crazy lockup stuff occurs.

    My finding are centered around IE, and the critical updates, and possibly the ActiveX Controls in the Windows Update. Also, it seems that IE 5.5 w/SP is buggy. Therefore, I forego installing IE 5.5, and only do the critical updates. This seems to work alittle better.

    I am running an Athlon 1.33GHz T-Bird on Asus A7M266 M/B w/512MHz DDR SDR. The best work-around that I have found is to use Netscape 4.73 as default browser. My $.02 worth of advice.

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  4. i completely agree. IE 5.5 has been nothing but trouble for my 98 systems. i go with 5.1 and have no problems.....

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  5. Me, too. I.E. 5.5 is a buggy mess. Stick to 5.1 SP2, or give the public preview of 6.0 a try. I've had zero problems with it (and run it for two months) which is amazing for the beta version of a browser ... and any Micro$ product!

    I'd leave Netscape alone, if I were you. It's just not what it used to be. Why even bother with it? How many browsers can one person use, anyway? Sounds like a waste of disk space to me.


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  6. I too have had problems with IE5.5. I would stick to 4.0 for now.

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