Blocking non-vpn traffic (IceFloor)

So I'm brand new to Mac and I'm trying to set up my vpn with the firewall so I can torrent anonymously. here's the thing. Sometimes VPN fails and the computer goes back to it's regular ip. this makes the VPN pointless because as soon as this happens my IP is exposed.
I downloaded Icefloor so I can configure my firewall settings but it's so very complicated and I'm so very lost.
Basically what I'm asking is how can I use IceFloor to make it so that when I become disconnected from my VPN my outgoing signals are terminated so my IP is not revealed while torrenting.
I use Hotspot shield and utorrent.

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  1. Why do you want to torrent anonymously?? I'm not sure how to use IceFloor, but maybe your internet connection is unreliable which is why the VPN connection keeps failing.
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