THG kind of sucks these days

Is it me, or has THG been pretty crappy ever since its latest change in format? None of the articles are interesting anymore. I don't know if it's because the articles are more difficult to find or whether they've changed the type of articles they write.
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  2. I mostly agree. The articles are still interesting, the problem is you can't find anything. Once an article leaves the main page it seems almost impossible to find. Bestofmedia took a great easy to use site and sent it strait down the crapper. Can't believe tom sold out to them.
  3. Definitely agree. Not only is the layout poor, but the articles have gone down hill as well. Most disturbing though is the coverage. Used to be you could find performance comparisons for every cpu, mobo, and display card. Not anymore. That was the main reason I came to Tom's: to figure out how good a deal I was getting on ANY given component. Alas, not anymore.
  4. We need more mods ... the site is good ... but it could be better.

    We also need some funny news articles and to encourage more people to get into building their own PC's ... which is fun.

    I volunteer to help moderate Jake !!!

    Hell ... I will even write some articles ...

    My rate as a corporate consultant is normally $285 per hour ... for you its free.

    PM me.

    Or rate me down ... ??

  5. ^ Yes, I agree Reynod... 'cept I think that its taking forever for them to make an Australian THG...

    I've tried volunteering as a mod...

    I'm sure Reynod can do all the writing... power control domination!!! of the Australian section of course!

    I'm happy to lend my time for a good cause (regardless, I don't get paid at my comic company)

    Or lets rate Reynod up...
  6. Actually I would like to encourage the users here to write short articles ... benchies etc on anything ... then submit them to be edited ... then put up on the main page as short reviews.

    There are lots of clever people here who would love to be involved.

    That's some clever marketing Rob .... hint hint.

    Plus it costs you nothing and the users who get their name up in lights would be stoked.

    I am sure I could edit an article better than S & R ...

  7. Good idea... but we need a reward... an incentive... something like free hardware or a forum promotion or something...

    We could easily turn this into a Linux-concept thing... improve and pass it on...
  8. I was thinking a sidebar section on the front page which lists recent user reviews.

    Those good enough could easily be tidied up and help promote the site.

    This site has a massive hit rate.

    A lot of users do help new users in the forumz ... that much is clear.

    The site needs much tighter moderation ... nothing sinister though.

    There are clearly not enough mods.

    A site like this needs at least 12 active mods.

    I think turpit is away and I have only noticed Jake, Freddi and Big Mac much lately ... though I don't visit all of the areas ...

    They need some help.
  9. ^ Well I'm not really sure about that, but I'm sure that that new write a review feature on the update is impossible to use... turns out like a Newegg... Nobody knows about this feature...

    Should make a special section?

    Maybe sub-mods with less powers for general stuff?
  10. Damn I really should take English classes...

    Anyways Notice on the US version the forum homepage there is a thing above post count that says reviews?

    I did figure out how to write one tho... Nobody ever goes down there tho... some kinda shopping search engine.... simliar to a Newegg style review system... just login using your THG forum account... kinda pointless tho...
  11. yeah.

    I was thinking a sidebar on the main page.

    Some of the guys who frequent the cpu section regularly have done quite a bit of benching ... mathos on the phenom for instance.

    Wouldn't be hard to tidy up something for a user article.
  12. How's this? A special benchmark suite like what they have at PC User Australia. A series of test and etc. Once finished it can give scores of relative performance back to THG and help buyers decide how fast their configuration will run?

    Could end up saving THG charts?

    We can make a feature search engine... something like:
    CPU series > Athlon X2
    Clock Speed > 1.7Ghz
    RAM > 4GB DDR 667

    and etc. searching for a configuration and noting where it performs well and etc.

    something like
    encoding: 7:21
    ripping: 6:20
    Crysis: 1fps
    making bagels: 1:27

    Make it something like:

    So, as you can see, the chart has selected similar configs and showed you performance in SIS SANDRA...

    Something like that... then a reference system... a Q6600 or so?

    Upload scores to a MySQL database? Index for easy finding? compare your intedended build with others?

    I think that would be very useful... I have found zero bechmarks on the Geforce 7150 against say the 780G...
  13. With Facebook ??
  14. no, with the direction THG is going... facebook...

    I thought at some point in life this was hardware, not social networking...
  15. Damn straight ... stuff all of this social networking stuff ... can't stand any of you peeps.

    Bring back the ugly users with poor people skills I say.


    We need an anti-networking site ... lets call it AssBook.

    Hang on ... THG already has that.

    Its called "the other" ... heh heh
  16. They should benchmark computer to see how quickly they can load the bloated Tomshardware sites. My god this site is slow. And yes, the non technical articles are terrible. The reviews of hardware are still good. But the every other article is not objective and complete garbage.

    This latest one about Mac pricing misconceptions is perhaps the worst article i've ever read. Either the author is a completel moron, or Tomshardware is bowing to increased pressure from Apple.
  17. I know that I've been getting overly frustrated with Tom's. There's no more spell-checking (I've counted up to 10 spelling and grammar errors), The articles aren't on stuff I care about anymore, and they're definately lacking in frequency, and some of the new writers are REALLY bad and opinionated. I don't know about you folks, but I've been reading more and more recently.
  18. completely agree wiht you all, and the recent mac crazed articles didnt help either.

    nor have the outdated charts
    nor does the ppor editing
    nor does the non standard (broken) forum.
  19. I don't think I come here for articles... only for the forum... their articles are fair but give no insight into how tech works...

    Then there's the slight bias and slight slip-ups...

    Tom's is okay but could do with a few changes...
  20. The issue is, Toms articles used to set the standard for objective, technical, hardware reviews and info. i'm talking like about 11- 7 years ago, it was, hands down, the BEST place to go for current computer tech knowledge.
    It gradually went down hill, and lately has taken a steep dive.

    It still has the occasional good article, i find the in depth reviews still worthy.. but the rest has been filled with such opinionated fluff, and sensationalist titles, that its next to impossible to filter out.
  21. Too bad this topic has been pigeonholed to the bottom of the page. Tom's has gone to **** in the last few months, and nobody at the site seems to care. They just keep pluggin away, churning out more and more lackluster crap. The performance charts are useless now. The once factual articles are reading more and more like editorials. Those useless morons who do whiny game reviews are depressing, and subjective. I could go on and on, but everything Tom's has to offer is getting worse and worse. The only good thing about tom's is the bulletin board. Too bad no one from the site reads it, or maybe they'd see what a **** their site has turned into.

  22. THG was a near daily stop for me, but I am seeing less and less that I'm interested in. The articles are for obscure, unimportant pieces of hardware or consist of editorials which do not seem to be particularly well thought out. The Mac / PC comparison article is just the latest in a line of really questionable feature choices (the idea is fine, the execution lacking). Has there been a change in editorial staff? The site went through a sale, did it not. Something has changed and not for the better.
  23. clownbaby said:
    Those useless morons who do whiny game reviews are depressing, and subjective.
    I'd like to see you do a completely objective game review.
  24. Maybe i used the wrong words, but the fact that all they do is whine and complain is annoying as hell. And the "I'd like to see you do better" argument, is completely rediculous. A professional organization, should put forth a quality professional product. I can say with certainty, the game reviews are not quality or professional. I've never said a bad word about Tom's, until recently. All of their half assed efforts, and sloppy work has been snowballing into a seemingly unstoppable disaster. Soon, the quality audience that once viewed this site will be gone, and Tom's will be just another crappy review site for 14 year olds who don't know any better than to believe what they read. I don't think I'm the only one seeing a steep decline in the quality of work put forth here. I've respected Tom's for a long time, and am not quick to give up on it. But there may come a point where I won't feel the urge to check out what's new on Tom's. And when that comes, I'll gladly find my information elsewhere. I think many on this site will follow suite.
  25. Well rather than saying "the articles are bad" or "the reviewers just whine and complain", perhaps you could actually provide constructive criticism. What do you want to see changed?
  26. ^2 Careful your use of age... you might offend people. If you are leaving the site, go ahead. This topic has been crushed into dust!

    Most who want to leave, have.

    ^ +1

    We don't need whining, we have enough of that
  27. True.
  28. Maybe we should strap neon glow signs to Site Feedback... Nobody really reads this stuff... =(

    If I'm wrong THG staff please reply. I'd like to know that my suggestions aren't being archived for usenet.
  29. At least I read them :D

    /ego trip
  30. I read this section more than I read the CPU (THG) section...

    these are sad days...
  31. I can't read ...
  32. Then I suppose I can freely insult you?
  33. Fine ... I will get AFG to put a spider in your lunchbox !!

    When did you stop insulting me anyway??

    I can't recall ... lol
  34. I wouldn't take anything from Chickadee seriously?
  35. Hell I like her ... she is interesting to say the least.

    Not scared to speak her mind.

    Still ... can you put a spider in her lunchbox next week ... just a plastic one will do.

    Keep her on her toes.
  36. Then again... a flyer with Al Gore and Greenpeace...

    Very bold she is. Much more so than either of us. The AMD is evil thread was...

    Poke her. See what happens.
  37. Whoa, what's up?

    Snap Linkbubbles on the word "lunchbox" 1950s, thermos, American History, AMD Athlon whoa. That's some funky stuff.

    I was joking through!

    Hey, Missy why did you turn down the offer application for "Skit Show"?

    I know that I turned it down because the pay was bad but why did you turn it down?
  38. Er a camera? I have a fear of cameras?

    I just don't want people to... you know! I hate the thought of humiliation. I know people say I'm beautiful but... I'm camera shy. Especially with flash.
  39. Very funny. But you are the script writer I heard?
  40. No apparently. I'll be as normal. Writing the comics. I know I did authorise the jokes to be reimplemented into the series.
  41. I might appear as a cameo... wanna join?
  42. No, I'll be fine. Don't you have tennis competition tomorrow?
  43. Haha right. Good night Syke.
  44. I guess this thread just died / got smothered by boredom and apathy? I don't see that anything got better at THG (or any "Tom's" sites) since the last post here.

    I think the decline of this site is real and significant. I used to come here for the most comprehensive and objective reviews I'd ever seen. I counted on Tom's to keep doing what they did best, and for a long time they did. At some point, things started to change, and I stopped coming here so often. There seemed to be more and more covereage of exactly what every other tech site covered. Soon, it just seemed like someone decided the best strategy at THG was to forget about what made them different, and concentrate on doing whatever every other tech site does, all the while coasting on the reputation Tom's built for itself.

    Now, I can rely on Tom's to write stories based on press releases, and regular reviews of whatever is generally deemed to be a something like a 'sexy' product at the moment (latest graphics cards, latest CPUs... and "Atom vs. Core 2"? Were that many people really having trouble deciding which performed better in a desktop?).

    Reviews of mundane things like routers, printers, and monitors may not be exciting, but they were objective, they looked at aspects which actually mattered to performance, and they were damned useful. I used to come to Tom's precisely because their articles were useful. Now they seem to try to pump some kind of excitement out of everything they review, and it often comes across as inane talk about product setups that most readers/users aren't likely able to afford anyway. When THG did write about crazy setups, at least they were novel and interesting, instead of just gimmicky and repetitive. Also, as others pointed out, Tom's doesn't even seem to use spell check on every post. For a commercial organization that wants to be taken seriously, that's inexcusable. Are the writers being paid more than $0.50 per news posting, and $20 per review? If not, consider it. If so, Tom's isn't getting it's money's worth, and needs some management change.

    I don't know enough about the history here to know what happened to the people who started THG, but I wish they were in charge again. I didn't know them at all personally, but I really liked what they created. To anyone who thought about it for a second, it was clear they wanted reviews on this site to be an oasis of substance in what is, for the most part, still a desert when it comes to objective, useful coverage.

    The review industry is smothered in plainly biased advertising vehicles, and they can't all be cleaned up. That was OK - at least Tom's used to be a place where you could ignore them. Now Tom's oasis seems to have all but dried up itself.
  45. I agree that both the site format and the general quality of content has changed... and not for the better. I've been away from Tom's Hardware for several years now and the main reason is because I haven't built my own system in several years.

    On a side note: The reason I have not built another system in several years is because I got fed up dealing with the trashy quality of so-called "budget" PC components as well as dealing with components which, in THEORY, should be compatible... but aren't. (After trying several GeForce MX440 cards I exclaimed: Not buying nVidia ever again! What a scam!) After wasting considerable time and money, I found the system to be obsolete and much more expensive by the time the right parts were found and the kinks worked out. Having trusted the reviews on THG was part of the problem...

    In any case, I decided my next computer would be a system purchase. For several reasons I decided on a laptop. (But then I made the colossal mistake of bidding on eBay! Is it me, or is the world full of jerks and scam artists?)
  46. phreeky said:
    I guess this thread just died / got smothered by boredom and apathy? I don't see that anything got better at THG (or any "Tom's" sites) since the last post here.

    Yes, we got bored and I think I lost most of my attitude. Oh well, time to sit back and mindlessly kill zombies...
  47. I think phreeky should just pi$$ off if he doesn't like it here.

    W@nker if you ask me.
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