Second Take: 2008 Games of the Year (So Far)

Ben and Rob discuss the biggest titles released in the first half of 2008.

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Are their any other titles that you think should have been mentioned?

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  1. I love these guys.

    Wish they added videos twice a week.

    Nice to see Age of Conan get a mention.

    Other games: Dracula Origins
  2. Never heard of Dracula Origins... Is it noteworthy?
  3. Mass Effect for PC !
  4. 2008/2009 is a going to be a powerhouse for the PC.

    Age of Conan
    Warhammer Online
    Crysis Warhead (although with all the contradictory statements made by Cevat every week this title could easily not deliver)
    Project Origin
    WoW 2nd expansion
    Dawn of War 2
    Starcraft 2
    Diablo 3 (maybe)

    and possibly BF3

    1998/1999 was the golden time for the PC and exactly a decade later the lineup looks to rival it.

    ......and people say the PC is dead :cry:

    Audiosurf should have been mentioned. Yeah it's not a big budget game however its one of the most innovative games to be released in sometime and is simply a blast to play. Created by 1 guy who became a mega millionaire over night because the PC allows indie developers to turn a profit.

    *Age of Conan dropped the ball by being released without DX10 support and that was one of their main showcase features they talked about for years. You guys should have brought that up when you mentioned its "amazing" graphics.

    Edit: btw Travis should start making an appearance and have the segement be more of a round table because he's dead on about a lot of things happening with gaming especially about those perfect 10's early reviews.
  5. I also feel Mass Effect for PC might've deserved a mention. There's definitely a franchise storyline/gameworld there, if they take good care of it. I know it has the DRM "issue" hanging over its head but I have a hard time discrediting it for that when it has so many more positives about it.

    Considering I'm not a huge a fan of space-themed anything, apart from the Farscape TV series and I think that's mostly down to the comedy aspect, this game has really pulled me in with its storyline and general polish as I've not had one lockup or BSOD yet and that's on the beta Catalyst 8.6a drivers for the new Radeon 4850 card I bought last week (fantastic card for the price BTW).

    Oh, and Ben...what happened to the closing bloopers you guys used to include? Are you two now old pro's and don't "corpse" any more or did you get too much stick for them? I kinda' miss them actually...
  6. I want to hear the discussion about what Rob thinks about gta4....
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