Could we keep our avatars until the newer one arrives? I dislike a white void...

Thanks, fangirl
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  1. guess not AFG
  2. Yup, but my new avatar has a split banana on her head...
  3. yer ... suits u

    heh heh
  4. Better than Kazemon... needed a hair orament... why not a banana?
  5. I've probably freaked you out now =P
  6. Nope ...

    The green is not quite right (too light for AMD) but the rest is great.

    Can you make me one?

    Not sure what kind of avatar suits me ... tho I have copped plenty of flack for my current one.

    Bit childish ...meh ... who gives a rats.
  7. ^ I dunno... I kinda specialise in fairies and etc. I'll try...
  8. **Vomits**

    No fairies please.

    That would not fit well with me.

    There is an Anime show in Perth today ... the eldest kids here went with their mates.

    Not back yet ... must have been good.
  9. I'm sure I can procure you something from the Alt Reality archives... I'm sure I can avoid copyright... (I'll ask for you...)

  10. I'll finish it later. I couldn't find anything good in the darkness, flame, mech, light or water. I didn't look in nature 'cause that all filled with...
  11. ^ I also have a banana spilt you might enjoy... I'm gonna be away all Sunday so...

    I'll get some more pictures of the nature element...
  12. Goku was there ... the guy who does his voice.

    We are now drowning in anime dvd's ... sigh.
  13. Don't worry Missy will never get into anime. She's got her own retarded drawing style!
  14. Do you draw at all then ?

    I can only do straight line stuff.

    Schematics ... mud maps ... tech drg ...

    pretty boring to look at.
  15. No

  16. How's this? Crop it blah blah blah copyright blah blah blah... I got it finished by my BF...
  17. Influenced by Warhammer perhaps?

    Where is my bolt gun??

    heh heh

    I'm more of a Raistlin Majere type of character I spose.
  18. *sigh* Its a cross-between a tera-cotta warrior and a skull thing... with a human and a tougue sticking out to ruin whatever awesome people may have said...

    That kinda character is do-able... I'll see... I've got alot of work these days...
  19. ^ Nvidia's gonna die... best chip performs simliar to HD 4850, but HD 4850 is cheaper to make and is single slot. AMD pushes prices down NV = XP. Partners unhappy... want to stop losing money... Nobody buys NV chipsets (apart from me) as the consumer sector (780G) is ruled by AMD and the (P35 X38 etc.) enthusiast is ruled by Intel... because crossfire is more dominant... 2/5 chipset companies is very good, when they are the biggest ones...

    I've lost all of my humour... =(

    BTW: I've got INQ RSS...

  20. hmm... I really should get back to drawing something for you...
  21. If you keep working at it you might end up an anime artist.
  22. Haha You must be joking! I like my own style and I wanna develop it far beyond... I'd never get into the anime/manga stuff, ever! I prefer realism and cartoon to anime/manga. Its too much about eyes and etc. Plus nobody takes people like me seriously! Besides most anime peoples draw many 'other' things outta proportion, really outta reality. Not to mention the huge swords and etc.
  23. Anime porn. Because gay porn just isn't gay enough...

    Reporting to moderator.
  24. ^ Reported already!
  25. ^ Missy, thanks for the avatar ;)
  26. Yeah ... looks good.


  27. Hopefully the mods can get rid of Aaron with an IP ban ... the loser
  28. ^ see-sawed

    Reynod, I think she's referring to this:

  29. right ...
  30. ^ I freaked him out, again...

    Call an abulance and tell them to set the shock'ers up to 1KW... its serious damage...

    Seriously yesterday this weird parody guy called "Reynob" appeared with the same stuff inc. avatar & profile! Freaky...
  31. Yeah well it isn't me.

    I might just leave ... this is getting really annoying.
  32. ^ okay... but what about Aussie THG??? And the Australian forum? C'mon what about being a mod?.. If only I didn't have a mental block (caused by flu) I'd write a song/ballad/poem... sad days these are?
  33. lol, AFG why change the Avatars so much? I had the same avatar since I joined THG in mid 2005(or 2006).
  34. ^ I dunno... the average avatar life span is about half a month... longest was about 1 month or so...

    I don't really change avatars much on a whole scale...

    Clicky: http://www.presence-pc.com/forum/forum2.php?config=ppc.inc&cat=1&post=21283&page=65&p=1&sondage=0&owntopic=1&trash=0&trash_post=0&print=0&numreponse=0&quote_only=0&new=0&nojs=0#t439815

    Still has the 'classic' one...

    Its me... trust me...
  35. I wish they made the forums allow bigger avatar images! I love this one! :D


    Anyway Missy's gone on strike for solar energy or whatever so she can't use electricity.
  36. ...
  37. Chickadee, what did you eat with your weet-bix?
  38. Got my new Q6600 and a P35 with a 9600GT.

    Went to the dark side.
  39. Got a new E7200 and a 630i and a 2600 PRO

    Went over too...

    Didn't you just buy a Pheeb 9850?

    I guess my sister is the only AMD fanatic left?
  40. I did up a 9850 couple of days ago but got a q66 for me.

    Prices was just too low to miss it.
  41. Yeah I know $194 USD (and about $400 here) t'was cheaper than a Phenom 9850... but apparently Intel can push it down to about $100 if it really wanted to. I'm wait for that (I mean like it's FUD)

    I suppose I'll get an EE Deneb/Propus... or skip it and directly go onto Fusion. I don't really need a processor any faster than this. I suppose a new 22" monitor would do me good.
  42. Did TC leave ??
  43. Yes I think so,

    Last post was 2 weeks ago or so

    From what I know he went to ***
  44. *sigh*
  45. AFG: Have you ever considered making your own FireFox theme? It's weird TC left(?) and DaSickNinja came back....
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