Mystery Drive. WTF?!?!

Ok, so I installed some DVD decoder software today, and after I did this, a random new optical drive (called E:) showed up in My Computer. Not a huge deal, except that was the name of my external drive. Now, My external drive has been renamed G:. This is a problem because now nothing on my external drive like game will work. I'm pretty sure it was to do with the new name. anyway, I can't rename my external back to E: because this drive is using that name, and can change the name of that drive because It doesn't appear in the list of drive that I can change the name of (because it doesn't technically exist). Anyway, Windows acknowledged that the creation of a mystery drive can occur when DVD decoder software is installed, but their suggestions don't work. How can I eliminate this drive.
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  1. hi.
    there is no need why you eliminate that that drive???
    when you are going to run a aplication or game which is installed on external drive
    windows will warn you that the specific aplication doesn't exist.
    manualy browse the aplicationon your g drive.
    or if you use shortcuts on your desktop like
    "E:\Program Files\xxxx\xxxx.exe"
    replace that shortcuts with one of
    "G:\Program Files\xxxx\xxxx.exe"
  2. thanks for the help, but i tried both of those. I changed the target of the shortcut and also just tried to launch the program from the directory. Neither worked. I think it's because there are also game files on the C; drive that target the E: drive. Am i crazy here.
  3. This "mysterious" drive is probably a virtual drive so that you can run copied DVDs off your hard drive. Look in the application you installed to change the drive letter of your virtual drive.
  4. 1. It's a virtual drive. Check your DVD software's settings for something that sounds like "Virtual CD", "Ghost CD/DVD", "CD Emulator" something.

    (and disable it)

    2. You can change letters easy

    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.

    Right-Click on the virtual drive ( your current E: and select Change Drive Letter and Paths )

    P.S. - Be careful not to do somethign stupid like deleting your harddrive partitions...
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