Second Take: Diablo III Unveiled!

Ben and Rob discuss the unveiling of Diablo III and the impact it will have on Blizzard and PC gaming. So stay a while, and listen!
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  1. Yeah we understand that anything developed under the Blizzard name is going to sell well. The thing is though there is no criticizes of them for rereleasing the same game and with all the news about Diablo 3 you would have sworn it was coming out next week! Less hype, more criticism, and cutting the entire E3 lineup for 1 game that won't see the light of day for easily over a year from now screams fanboy. Well if anything its good Blizzard is releasing information because for a short while it will stop the "PC IS DYING" crowd. You simply could have addressed Diablo 3 from the beginning stating “Diablo 3 is coming to the PC years from now and will break the bank for Blizzard again. Now onto titles that we’ll get to play this year or early next year”
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