RAM for P5B Deluxe

What DDR2 800mhz (PC6400) RAM does the P5B deluxe mobo support?

I heard some stories that not all brands work!
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  1. I use Patriot memory and it performs great, no problems at all. I've seen posts from people having trouble with OCZ and some Corsair.

    You should check out the vendor list on ASUS' website for 'qualified' RAM for the motherboard.
  2. Do not get OCZ Ram for the P5B Deluxe. I was one of the unfortunate ones who purchased a 2GB pair when it was on sale, just to find out that they don't like the P5B. I called both companies, neither gave me a good answer so I RMA'd them and bought 2 x 1GB pair of Corsair.

    I have not heard of any other problems with Ram for the P5B, however, to be sure you can check the Asus forums and look what people are saying about the P5B... thats how I found that it didn't like the OCZ.

    Good luck and have fun with your build.
  3. Thank you for the advice!
  4. Is that deal just at Newegg?

    Thing is I live in Japan... :(
  5. the p5b series (bar P5BE+) all had troubles with some DDR2 800 ram. A few biox fixes later, the majority of the problems are gone

    GO UPDATE YOUR BIOS if you are using DDR2 800 and are having troubles
  6. Eh I dont undestand, why "bar P5BE+"? Reading different forums around the web it Seems like p5Be+ has the same Ram issues. Plz correct me if im wrong, (i have aP5Be+ so i hope i'm wrong)
  7. I've read people have good luck with Patriot. Corsair has been hit-or-miss on the PC6400's with the P5B's. If you go Corsair, pay a little extra and get the Cas 4's. They seem to be fine. Stay away from the Cas 5's or you might have to RMA them a couple times. Just what I've found...
  8. The Asus P5B is a pretty good board all around. The problem was that it automatically couldn't adjust the ram voltage for some ram types. This meant that some RAM brands were simply not a plug and play affair, but certainly didn't mean that they didn't work.

    If you have an Asus P5B and some RAM that doesn't work, check out the RAM voltage specifications. You'll probably note that the ram requires over 1.8v, and by default, the P5B deluxe motherboards attempt to run ALL ram at 1.8v.

    I found the best way to sort this problem out, was to insert one stick of 2.15v RAM into my motherboard, still running it at 1.8v. You should be able to make it into BIOS with out the system crashing. Then, up the RAM voltage to the RAM specifications. Save, and shut down your PC. Add all the sticks of RAM, double check all is well in the BIOS, then boot your OS.
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