SATA RAID on Vista Home Premium

Hi Guys, planning for the future:

Does anybody know if it's possible to setup RAID 0, 1 or both at the same time (one one PC) on Vista Home Premium?

Planning to get the MSI K9A Platinum Motherboard, which has the ATI SB600 RAID controller (supports 4 SATA Drives) with the following setup:

2 80GB SATA II Hard Drives - RAID 0 for O/S and Applications
2 320GB SATA II Hard Drives - RAID 1 for Data

Thanks in advance
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  1. As long as there are 64-bit drivers for your hardware, sure, why not?
  2. The raid configuration is handled by the hardware and should not be affected at all by the OS. You do, however, need to make sure you can find drivers for your raid controler that supports 64bit Vista (or 32bit w/e).

    If its a standard onboard controller from a real Mobo manufacturer, your fine.
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