G965 vs 975X memory bandwidth question

Intel's Chipset datasheets list the following:

Intel 975X memory bandwidth 10.7GB/s

Intel G965 memory bandwidth 12.8GB/s

If I do NOT plan on running multiple GPUs - Does the memory bandwidth of the G965 (and the price) insure a superior performing system as opposed to a 975X with a single GPU and 800Mhz (PC-6400) memory?

I was kinda shocked when I reviewed the chipset datasheets and noticed the throughput difference. Can anyone verify these as correct and confirm or dispute my reasoning? Thanks
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  1. That benchmark means nothing at all...the performance would be equal...

    and its the P965 that your looking for, not the G965 which is the chipset with onboard video
  2. The main reason I was considering the G965 over the P965 is the G version is listed as having Clear Video Technology and supports HDMI interfaces.

    I do not have any info on whether either of these technologies will improve media capabilities or if it is just hype, but HDMI support is something I am interested in.
  3. well if you buy your own gpu that will be irrelevant as any onboard video will be disabled
  4. 965P have too an onboard videochip, but its disabled.
    965G i the same, but aways is more good to have an additional videocard (for sure).
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