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Ok, as I write down my wireless problems with the auditor boot cd I am starting realize that this topic is going to be long like a book, but if you can take the time to read even a portion of this topic and help I will love you forever! Also if you want to skip my life story I have typed up here the questions are at the bottom.

(Also please don't flame me for asking these questions, before I arrived here I have printed out and practically memorized the man files for iwconfig, kismet, ifconfig, and a few others that I can't even remember at this point after 4 days of working on this; the last 2 without any sleep, searched google/askjeeves, watched from the shadows box 3 until I wanted to cry, read and re-read 'How to crack WEP Part I/II/III, and recieved advice via IRC.)

<u>My hardware configuration is as follows:</u>
- Old Fujitsu Lifebook with a 233 mhz pentium processor with 32 mb onboard RAM + additional 128 mb RAM stick (barely enough by the way)
- 13 dB directional antenna
-auditor 200605-02-ipw2100 boot CD
- 512 mb SanDisk thumbdrive (for transfering the cap*.cap files to my fast laptop for the actual crack of the WEP/WPA)

<u>Whats worked:</u>
- I successfully cracked my own test network (thats right, my OWN network. Nothing illegal going on here in case you were wondering by now.) in both 64 and 128 bit WEP...But without being able to connect to my AP with the auditor laptop completely defeats what I am trying to do.

<u>My Problems:</u>
- commands outlined in 'How to crack WEP I/II/III' won't work. Specifically any 'iwconfig wlan0 <etc><etc>' command will not go through. (for example entering 'iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor' returns an error 8B06 & entering 'iwconfig wlan0 channel 11' returns an error 8B04) but the 'monitor.wlan wlan0 <CHANNEL#>' script works fine <b>So how do I use iwconfig (as everyone has told me to do up to this point) to connect to my AP when none of the commands work?</b>

-<b>Main question: how do I connect to a wireless AP with auditor in any way/shape/or form?</b>

-I also noticed that when my test AP was running at 54 mbps airodump flew up to around 12000 IVs in what seemed like a minute and then the IV capture dropped off to a snails pace even though I was still downloading an auditor distribution .iso to increase traffic... <b>Is this system of attack dying out because my card is only 11 mbps? Is there a compatible Prism 802.11b/g PCMCIA card I should be looking into or is this just another error I am having?</b>

Thanks a lot for your advance I guess.
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  1. Come on now... I still haven't been able to remedy this problem yet and at least ONE of you has to be a linux guy. Please throw some help my way. Thanks
  2. Nevermind I got some help off of IRC, incase someone with my same problem comes to this forum:


    (where '***'= interface '$$$$'=essid name)

    iwconfig *** essid $$$$
    ifconfig *** on
    dhclient ***

    and thats what it took for me.
  3. I just ordered the same card so I may need that help if i don't cancel the order and look for another card. Some one else had that same problem in a previous post. Looks like a card specific problem so I am trying to find out if I should cancel my order and look for another card. If so, then what is the best card to use?
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