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I'd like to see some old charts to compare 2 old graphics cards (nvidia 5200 and 6200) but I couldn't find the link. Do you keep the old charts? 2006, 2005... ??

Thank you!!!
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  1. Indeed. I always looked at the old charts myself too. I loved the old charts! So it was quit a shock when I saw the new design for the first time. Please get back the old chart style!
  2. Bring it back, from me too :)
  3. The new layout for the site is great. However I too am not a fan of the new Charts. It's allot more difficult to compare items etc.
    Any chance of at least having a link back to the old ones?
  4. an emphatic +1; amen
  5. oh... sorry... I was talking about the charts of old gcards, not about page layout...
  6. yeah bring back the old charts :)
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