Second Take: The 2008 Segundo Awards

At their first annual Segundo Awards for E3 2008, Ben and Rob hand out Golden Churros to receipients in such categories as "Biggest Tease", "Most Pointless Celebrity Appearance" and "Best Death Scene".

Watch The Video:

Who was sniped? What categories did we miss?

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  1. Sneakiest game steal (from your high and lows report) - Microsoft announcing Final Fantasy 13 will be available on Xbox 360.
  2. Well done, Boys. Inspired media making right there. I loved it.

    "Oneechanbara... it's like 'Little Miss Sunshine.'" That's gold.
  3. WOW!

    That was awesome. One of the best shows you guys have ever made! I think you guys should do one of those for every game expo!

    "He's THE God of War. Cut somebody head's off!" <- priceless!

    Keep it comming! =D
  4. <napoleon>GOSH!</napoleon>

    I actually had to register here to say that was one nice show.. Earned me a couple laughs, and I'm not the kind that laughs at any joke..!

    I'll enjoy my 1st post to also say you guys suck at making enough videos per week. Wish I had more :(

    kthxbye! <3
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