Low 3DMark2006 scores on 7600GS???

Hi, I just bought an AGP Asus N7600GS card to replace my old Radeon 9700 Pro I busted this week-end. It runs just fine, but when I ran 3DMark 2006 I found my result below what I expected when compared to other results.

3DMark Score........1588
SM2.0 Score..........659
HDR/SM3.0 Score...580
CPU Score.............740

Here is my PC config to put all this into context:

Athlon XP 2800+
1GB RAM (2x512MB Crucial Ballistix)
Asus A7N8X Deluxe
36 GB Raptor
Asus N7600GS 256MB AGP
Windows XP SP2
Latest video drivers from Asus (Asus 1.39 which I think are based on Nvidia 91.31)

Based on Tom's Novermber VGA chart, I should get around 1100 for my SM2.0 score which I'm far from.

I would like some help finding what the problem is and hopefuly fixing it, the problem might also be my source of information :P.
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  1. i personally dont base comparasions on 3dmark2006, since its score is based on your cpu memory and not the vid card alone, go back to 3dmark2005 and or use other test resuslts

    7600GS? how much was it? sub 100 cards usually have butchered interface 64bit instead of 128, but i dont think the 7600gs would be made as slow as that.... the memory and clock speed could be toned down, it might be overclockeable..

    you could go back to the store and refund it, and buy another one, go for the 7600GT at lest, it is worth the extra 30-60$
  2. You should remember that 3D mark 06 is a very cpu intensive benchmark and your CPU is older. Also NEVER LOOK AT BENCHMARKS... if you play the games you want at the Fps that you feel are good then its ok.. My 3d Mark 05 score is like 2400 but I don't care because I can play CS:S with 80FPS everything on HIGH and also HDR. So if your games run like you want them to. Then don't worry.
  3. Yeah, I hesitated a lot between the GS and GT, but I finaly went for the GS because I'll be using this machine for just a couple of months before I upgrade to a whole new system. I'll be giving it to my GF and she mostly plays games like Sims and some RTS or TBS games so on the long run the extra 60$ might not be worth it.

    I don't mind the score compared to other cards, I am well aware that this card wasn't really a top-notch choice. What I found a bit unsettling was the score compared to other similar configurations. But as I think of it, I have no idea if the scores I saw were on OCed cards or not...

    I will try a couple of things and continue my search (out of curiosity) to see if there isn't a simple setting/tweak that I might have forgotten.
  4. Have you tried the 'coolbits' hack, it might get you a few more Mhz's here and there. Oh and GS may well stand for 'Goes Slow' as far as GeForce cards are concerned. :wink:
  5. Hi Zenthar.

    I also have just (3 months ago) bought a 7600GS although it is the sparkle one & my system is a bit 'OLD' to so if I can manage to download 3DMark2006 and run this weekend I will post results. I am currently running with NGOHQ drivers and overclocking at 'Optimized frequencies' on their drivers but I had an overheat/Artifact issue after playing for 2 hours last weekend so I may go back to stock clock settings.

    My setup is as follows;
    Celeron 2.4Ghz (Weak Link)
    ASRock P4 Combo MOBO
    768mb DDR running @ pc2100 (because of the damn processor)
    Sparkle 7600GS 512mb AGP
    Windows XP SP1

    Will let you know.

  6. The diff between a 400/800 (7600 GS) and a 560/1400 (7600 GT) is huge.
    +40 to +75% difference dude.
    (Gigabyte 7600 GT Silent Pipe here).

    God I wish ORB would just go away.
  7. Yeah, I noticed, I finaly changed my mind and changed it for a GT. My 3DMark score nearly doubled and in "real applications", my FPS is about 50% higher.

    It really worth the extra $$$ if you want the system to last for a time.
  8. Well done, I'm pleased for you, now try the 'coolbits' hack and see if it goes faster 8)
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