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I'm about to build a new system dedicated to Photo-editing in Photoshop. I think it would be nice to have a 19"-23" 4:3 tft-display horizontal and one 15"-17" standing tft-display coupled (possible?). And even further... I´d like to have ONLY the photo I´m editing at the moment showing/filling the larger screen and all of the PS machinery (menubar, toolwindows) in the second screen.

Does anyone think this crazy idea is possible? (matrox the way to go? and what is up with their "special" PS-plugins? anygood?)Is this a question of soley the grfx-card or display choise?

...a lot of questions, I know... Greatful for any input of your creativity/knowledge on this.
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  1. I use 3 19" monitors at work..
    and you it as you have described as wanting it...
    works fine...
    don't need any special video cards. just something that will support dual monitors.

    i have a 24WS" & 19" at home and use it in the same way excpet for teh smaller monitor being rotated.

    i can rotate my 24" monitor if i wanted to but find no need to..
    i hope this info is remotly helpful.
    my 2¢
  2. Thx for the reply :)

    It would be interesting to get a weiv of how you work with the three display set-up! :D

    If I understand you right, your meaning that there's no problem using one display horizontal and one vertical. (How does resolution work in this relation? (different size displays, diffrent size.)) and how about showing the workarea (of photoshop) in one display, and eveything else on the other...? :?
  3. Tilting it won't pose as a problem, and yeah - any cheap gfx card with two vga/dvi outs would do.

    I'm doing the same thing with two 20" monitors - one crt, one tft. The tft as a reference screen, and the history, menu and virtual drawingpad on the tft.

    We're not putting new footprints on the moon here, people have been doing this since the birth of workstations. :P
  4. oki doki.

    sorry for my some what diffuse origin question(s)... I conclude:

    1) It´s possible to use to diffrent size displays in diffrent mode's(one horizontal, one tilted) no problem. Just make sure the graphicscard got 2 (fitting)outputs, right? (and the muscel)

    2) I realize that you can split the screen, between two displays (of course), but is it possible to get one screen fillout with the workspace(ie windows) (still in PS)
  5. except for the rotation issue... that i don't know
    i have run my 24" with a 19"... diffrent resolutions...
    each window can be maximized to each window...

    so i think to answer your question... yes
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