CPU & GPU reviews for notebooks

CPU & GPU reviews for notebooks. Allot of new equipment coming out and very few reviews.
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  1. Yeah that would be quite interesting especially since im looking for a new notebook.
  2. I agree. I can't even get a match for the mobile processors on this site to compare to what I can buy. Add the new AMD Turions and the new Intel P series and updated T series. I also would take some mobile video charts. The 4500HD integraded, the ati and nvidia graphics cards. Especially since the "280" Mobile is coming out in a little while.
  3. I agree. With the world slowly moving towards notebooks for everything besides gaming, THG is slowly becoming obsolete - or at least limiting itself to a narrow part of the pc market and ignoring all the business users and many home users who prefer notebook - and forcing its gaming segment who may also have a notebook to go elsewhere to get info on that.

    Perhaps not a good marketing decision - cutting off major market segments while simultaneously forcing your core segment to go elsewhere for related info - where they will also find and learn about other sources for the core info.

    But I won't hold my breath - since this thread is over a year old and there has been no improvement.
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