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"1. Set DRAM/DIMM Voltage (vDIMM) to 2.1V or 2.2V if specified by RAM (+0.3V or +0.4V)
2. Set MCH Voltage (vMCH) to 1.55V
3. Set FSB Voltage (vFSB) to 1.40V
4. Increase SB Voltage (vICH) by +0.1V from default-lowest value
5. Set CPU Voltage (vCore) for the following CPU"

The above is a quote from Wusy's OC Guide for C2D. My question is, what are the default values for MCH, FSB, vICH.

BTW, the following are my specs:

MB: Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6
CPU: E6600 @ 3312 MHz (414x8) 1.375 V (all other voltages set to "Normal") - dual prime stable
MEM: Corsair CM2X2048 6400 at 2.0V 5-5-5-12
PSU: OCZ GameXtreme 700W

Next question. Will I get better perfomance (for gaming) by lowering the multiplier from 9 to 8 and see how far I can raise the FSB or leave the multiplier at 9 and see how far I can raise the FSB (all else being equal, i.e. same CPU speed, but different FSB)?

New to the forum, BTW :lol:


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  1. I`m just learning about these things myself,so I can`t answer most of your questions, but I went to a web site and found some free software that should answer your questions about your system settings.One is called CPU-Z and another is called CLOCKGEN.I`m sorry I`m not of too much help,but maybe this will help you a little.
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