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I'm a total noob in networking, but my boss asks me to setup an Intranet for the office. There are 6 PCs already networked under Windows Networking, via an Acer network switch. All PCs have their own IP address, and the network is connected to the Internet via an ADSL broadband router.

Now, I have installed AppServ which include Apache server, PHPMyAdmin, and with the PHPBB2 add on (the integration with the forum is the reason I chose this AppServ). We have planning to open the forum for our customers to get support/discuss problems.

The problem is, as a test, I must first let all the PCs connected to the internal network to connect to the webserver, which I don't know how. So far, I haven't been able to connec to the internal webserver (installed with all default option, server name as 'localhost' etc.) from any of the PCs.

The webserver (and forum) is working fine on the machine act as server itself. The homepage is accessible, and the forum is working fine. I just can't connect to it from other PCs. Any suggestions, please? And what do I have to do if I want the server to be visible to the internet?

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  1. never mind, I've found out the problem.
  2. Might be worth posting the solution incase someone else experiences a similar problem :wink:
  3. Can you please tell me the solution, I got the same problem? :(

    Thanks so much in advance!
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