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Windows 7 Password

So i've got a netbook from school and I successfully deleted the admin password by putting the HDD into my desktop and clearing it.
Now my friends want me to do it to theirs, and I've got one of theirs with me now, and I thought rather than clearing the password I could find out the password so I could do the others easier.
I've used OphCrack with the "Vista Free" and "Vista Special" tables and neither of them can find the password. Is there anything else I can do to find out the Administrator password?

Netbook Specs:
- Downgraded Lenovo Thinkpad
- Celeron 1.07GHz
- Windows 7

Any help would be GREAT :D
Thanks :)
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  1. I'm going to give advice assuming that you own this netbook. Cracking a password that you know nothing about, ie, how long it is or if it has special characters is difficult without the proper rainbow table. This is why OphCrack is not working. Your best bet at getting the admin password is through social engineering.
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    Maybe ask the owner?
  3. Ophcrack doesn't work on 7!
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