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Toaday during physics class i got the idea to strap on a acrylic tube filled with coolant directly covering a cpu heatsink. My dad who works with plastics says he could watertight it. do you think this has any possibility of working? i could also add a a small pump connected to a radiator at the other end.

PS: size is not an issue. my case is HUGE (3ft cube)
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  1. Are you talking about something like:

    LN2/Dry Ice pot

    Or an acrylic tube connected directly to the IHS of the CPU so the fluid actually touches the aluminum of the IHS?

    If the fluid is going to be directly contacting the IHS, it will see fairly poor results. Not very much surface area will lead to slow heat displacement and unless you had high turbidity in the tube, the water/liquid wouldn't draw away very much heat, while the heat it did draw away from the CPU would simply heat up the water until it had no more cooling capacity.
  2. at one end of the tube would be the completely covered heatsink and at the other end, a hole leading to a small 100 gallon pump to a radiator back to the the tube.
  3. just get yourself a waterblock with tec, it's safer, better and requires less work
  4. Quote:
    at one end of the tube would be the completely covered heatsink and at the other end, a hole leading to a small 100 gallon pump to a radiator back to the the tube.

    Are you trying to say that you will have water flowing through the fins of a heatsink that is strapped on to a psu and then try to circulate water through it? Sounds like a water block to me.

    Trying to seal the tube to the heatsink would be problematic, there aren't that many sealants that will stick to both plastic and metal that wouldn't dry out over time and be the cause of leaks.
  5. TEC isnt worth IMO, because it drawns so much power and you need so much cooling to keep all the heat in the TEC. Good 'ol chilled liquid is outperforming and usually cheaper.
  6. true

    @ mikekosk
    sounds like you want to oc the hell out of your cpu, OR you are just trying to run prescott @ stock :lol: j/k
  7. meh. its not really about OC'ing. its for the heck of doing something like this
  8. I see what you are saying. It seems plausible. I would say that if you have the means to do it, go for it. Try it on an old system first and see how it works.

    Mods are always cool and unique mods are even cooler! Without totally picturing what you are picturing I can't venture a guess to the overall performance, but I love tinkering with things and it is a hobby/habit that has taught me very much about electronics, patience and trial and error.

    Good luck if you decide to undertake the task. Post pics!
  9. good luck with your experiment :) and like tool_462 said, it would be smart to try on the old rig first
  10. Give it a shot, but I think people are right when they say that the heat transfer won't work out very well unless you use something akin to a waterblock...

    Worse comes to worse, your cpu will throttle itself down if it gets too hot.
  11. Sounds like an interesting experiment, go for it if you can stand to lose the CPU. And, if that is the case, some mild machining of the stock heatsink might help. If you had some grooves machined into the stock heat spreader on the CPU that were perpindicular to the water flow, then you might get some turbulation and more surface area to dissipate heat.

    Sounds neat, post some pix if you try it.
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