Modding Your BIOS to Allow Overclocking?

I have an HP Pavilion a850y desktop computer. It has an Intel Pentium 4 520 HT 2.8ghz processor, and I wanted to try to overclock it to around 3.2ghz. But my motherboard apparently doesn't support overclocking, I don't think.

Is it possible to somehow modify the BIOS so it allows overclocking? lol
Here are some links to the motherboard and the BIOS:



So, if you know any modified BIOS versions of that kind, tell me. :wink:

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  1. Thats an ASUS M/B specifically made for HP with no reference for it through ASUS itself, your best bet is to get another MicroATX M/B that will fit the machine, a good OCing M/B that will accept the rest of your hardware.

    If you have an independent WinXP OEM installation disk and not a Restore Disk you're good to go, If you only have an HP restore disk to reload the OP/SYS, then you should have the WinXP product sticker on the machine itself with a legal licence on it, all you'd need is an OEM WinXP probably Home installation disk.

    Some local computer stores will burn you an installation disk for about 5 bucks if you take the machine up to them and prove you have a legal licence.

    Anyhow if you change out the M/B you can OC till your hearts content but getting a modded BIOS would probably cost more than a replacement M/B.
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