T7600 vs TL-60 in the HP dv9000t

Okay, here I go again. This time with the T7600 vs TL-60. We see a lot of test of the desktop processors but a recent post has brought to my attention the lack of laptop processor reviews. You favorite ninja has come to remedy the situation.

Let me lead of by saying that these laptops are identical other than the price, and processors. And let me tell you this, I tried to get processors with similar clock speeds. I got the T7600 with a 2.33GHz, and the TL-60 with the 2.2GHz processor.

Fist off we take a look at the MFLOP benchmarks. Usually we see the AMD line of processors totally destroy Intel in this area. Well guess what? This time there is a change.

I was shocked to see such a large margin in this test. As for the exact reason, I have no idea. Some one more knowledgeable about mobile processors could probably expand upon this subject.

Our second test is the well known 3DMark 06 test

No surprise here. The Duo basically wipes the floor with the Turion x2. Now before anyone complains, let me let you know that these two processors have the same NVIDIA Mobility 7600 GFX card. So there. But with that said, remember that 3D Mark is heavy on the GFX dependency and so are most games. If you plan to game with your laptop, remember to first look for the laptop with the highest GFX card.

Here we have the PC Mark 2005 score. Absolutely no surprises here.

Alright, now this is what most people would buy a laptop for. Real world applications. If you noticed, I performed the same multitasking test that Tom's did in their quite inclusive CPU chart. The results were this: The T7600 once again beats the Turion.

Here is another thing that people buying a laptop will look at. Heat. for guys, you know that a hot laptop will cause considerable discomfort to the family jewels. You can see that the Core 2 is quite cooler than the X2.

Same results here.

The battery life tests were the only ones that had the Turion X2 placing close to the Core 2. It still though draws too much power for a mobile laptop, even in a 17 inch screen notebook.

Meh, same here.

Now the only place the Turion wins is in the price category. My dv9000 with the Turion came out to be $100 less than my Core 2 book.

So what do you guys think? Question? Comments? Flames?
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  1. I'm on it. Fixed
  2. Cool deal then my area 51 m5550 should rock. Same cpu T7600 and video card 256MB NVidia® GeForce™ Go 7600. They had a sale on the m5550 so I use the extra money to upgrade the cpu. I will have to upgrade ram and hard drive but I will wait for vista will come out. Which I get a free upgrade. I will upgrade the hard drive.
  3. I'd been leaning towards a Turion based laptop now I think I may be reevaluating my upcoming purchase... Thanks for the info, good stuff..
  4. Nice tests. What are the 2 machines running for RAM, and at what timings? Thanks :)
  5. Xcellent info. Does anyone here knows wots upcoming from intel in mobile sector in Q1'07 coz i'm planing to buy one. The processors? and the Wireless networking etc, Any roadmaps?

    When are we going to have a new Mobile Chipset they're stuck at 945, why? Also I want Vista Compatible (With Aero/Premium)
  6. Hey ninja, nice thread. Now, not that I want to give you homework... ;) :wink: But I was just wondering why we never see tests between laptops and desktops. Ok, I know that a laptop can't beat a desktop in the same price range. But I'm sure that a lot of people would pay an extra 25% for a laptop that equals the performance of a desktop pc. I mean, a lot of desktop pc buyers are potential laptop buyers. But just because they can't see what's the difference in performance in programs like 3dstudio, adobe premiere,... they end up buying a desktop even though the advantage of a laptop: you can take it wherever you want.
    I guess I just can't get the M90 out of my head. :roll:
  7. Core 2 is an engineering marvel ... it was actually designed for notebooks, and that's why it has all this compensation for slow RAM/busses and so much emphasis on power consumption. These traits are found in much cruder form on the Turions, which are based on the K8 desktop architecture that we all know practically demands low-latency RAM. (On the flip side, you can throw the fastest RAM at a Core 2 workstation and it won't benefit that much.)

    However, two remaining components still widely separate notebook and desktop performance. The first is the storage system. If you've ever watched application/OS startup speed using a 10-15k rpm drive instead of a 7200rpm one, you know what I'm talking about. The responsiveness in all sorts of everyday tasks is affected by hard drive access time, and it doesn't help that the majority of currently sold notebook hard drives spin at only 5400rpm and take several seconds to wake up from standby. Even if a notebook scores the same as a desktop in Cinebench or SuperPi, you'll still feel it's slower just opening windows and loading programs.

    Robson flash cache technology is supposed to address mobile storage bottlenecks since flash consumes little power yet responds instantly.

    Secondly, the mobile versions of graphics processors are not really up to par. A Geforce Go 7900gtx is not even close to the similarly named desktop card. Discrete video cards normally idle at ~15W and consume up to 120W gaming. That's ruled out in the mobile sector. Consequently, for any given point in time, a desktop PC can provide much more gaming performance than a laptop.
  8. I think it depends on how the laptop setup. Most laptops can't handle high end games. Many for work on the go. My frist two laptops can handle the basic games and some high end games. But Most high end games. It a another story. The laptop I am getting. Should support all new games.

    Intel 945PM + ICH7 will support vista. Check here Dell Precision M90 http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/precn_m90?c=ed&l=en&s=bsd

    The other problem is If you go to best buy or any other computer store. Dont expect the dvi interface will be on laptops. Unless it a 17 Inch. The only laptops I found was the area 51 m5550. But by that time I sold my Monitor.
  9. Nice thread Ninja :D
    I am wondering what are you doing for life?
    and how many "new" PCs do you have?
  10. They both are running 2GB of DDR2 SODIMM. Give me about two hours to find out which ones. For some odd reason, its not listed on the chips.

    The Turion X2 is about the equivalent to the 4000+ X2, from what I can see. The T7600 is about on the same level as the E6400, which we all know to be no slouch in performance.

    Also the thread to which you are a common contributer lists vista capable laptops. :wink:

    Once again you are completely correct.

    Not telling..... :wink:
  11. Eh, I don't expect AMD to make anything big for the laptop market for a while still. Last time they came to my college, I got in a discussion with them about how their mobile division is doing and how they plan to counter the Pentium-M and Core Duo (This was quite a while back)...

    They mainly stated that heat was their biggest problem, which is totally understandable, meaning they would have to lower the vcore thus lower speed yadda yadda yadda... and they've still been having problems keeping it in check these days. However, I wonder if they used their new EE line of proc's in laptops would it be able to match what Intel has (it'll probably close the gap at least) or is their EE line based off Turion (someone have more insight on this?)

    Anyways, laptops the market goes to Intel, and it will probably stay there for a while until AMD overcomes the heat challenge.
  12. oh yes, i forgot! thanx anyways
  13. Quote:
    Not telling..... :wink:

    gay..... :(
  14. He's secretly Bill Gate's love child... Bill pays big money to keep things hush hush...
  15. He's a 'Student' 8)
  16. I am really I am. I go to Uconn. :(
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  19. So basically, fast HD access makes the difference, right? Then, should I consider the M65 if I wanted a replacement for a desktop pc? They offer a 100Gb 7200rpm SATA HD for an extra 160$. Or even that, an E6600 with 4Gb of ram (aprox. the same price that the M65) would still make a huge difference??

    Another question: Boxx sells a workstation with AMD desktop processors. Does anybody know anything about coming laptops with Conroe processors? I remember reading something about that in the summer, just before Merom was released.
  20. I'll let you know this: Desktop processors in a laptop make a lot of heat. On your 'nads. Yeah, I said it, on your 'nads.
    But if you can get it, take the $160 SATA upgrade over the 4GB of RAM, since you'll see more of a difference unless you are using Vista, and get only 2GB.
  21. I got a 7200 RPM HDD in my laptop, and its nowhere near as fast as a regular 7200 RPM HDD, but I'm not really able to make see the difference with other 2.5" drives in an apple to apple comparison... but I will say this, a little over 2 1/2 years and my laptop still works decently well, although it looks like a tentacle monster due to the ginormous amounts of usb cables (6 external HDD"s, 2 USB Hubs (one on my dell monitor, one standalone), 2 mice, Keyboard, Laptop Cooler, PCMCIA II expansion USB Hub... missing something... ah yes, and MP3 player charger)

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  28. Sam Adams!!!
  29. is this thread about dv9000t?
  30. Also correct the clock speed of the Turion TL-60, it is 2.0GHz (unless your DV has more OC options than mine which is NONE). I would expect these numbers for the most part. You actually tested a proc running 330MHz faster than Turion.

    The power numbers are very respectable considering it's still at 90nm. If they do release an interim 65nm Tuion before the new Barcelona version that will I'm sure make up a lot of difference, though the differences weren't as great as they appeared as the scale of graphs (the MFLOPS one mainly) was a little exaggerated.

    Turion was mainly designed for low power and achieves it. 14W at load is not much when the result is 63W including the chipsets, graphics and HDDs.

    That kind of use really needs a plug and a desk so the family jewels should be safe. I would think that anyone buying the Turion would not be disappointed. I haven't been. It compiles C# like crazy.

    Judging by the fact that my Turion TL-52 gets 1100 3DMark06 with a 6150, I would say that clock speed greatly influences that and PCMark.

    We should all just be happy that 3 years ago you couldn't get laptops with high end GPUs and CPUs and they still cost the same as they do now.

    All hail the duopoly!!
  31. I'll get on that. But you have to remember, the TL-60 is the highest you can get from HP. The tests were between the two highest rated mobile processors.
    You are correct that it does post good numbers for a 90nm process, but their is still too much energy drain. A similar Pentium M draws less power than a similar ML series Turion.
  32. That 6150 is holding you back, it steals memory bandwidth
  33. Hmmm....

    This make me want to replace my IBM Thinkpad T40. But I just built my E6600 rig not too long ago and next year I plan on replacing my current HTPC.

    I need to win the lottery... :cry:
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