Hey ppl out there ... i used to have a regular agp card ... but since i bult my new system i took da new PCI-e card .. now there is another type SLI ... can some one explain to me with complete details (w/ pictures if possible) wat on this earth is SLI video cards ...

Thanks in advance

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  1. PCI-e is a slot/hookup solution to your motherboard just like your agp,just a different kind of slot.sli is having two of those slots (pci-e) with two nvidia cards run on them together in tantem.Ati's dual card solution is called crossfire,also of course having two cards one in each pci-e slot run in tandem.Pci-e is the way your graphics cards run thru your system,like agp,just that it has a higher or wider bandwidth,thus allowing for more info to process more quickly.
  2. Not to be rude, however where have you been for the better part of two years or so? Anyways, in answer to your question PCI-e is nothing more than an updated interface that video cards (mainly) use to physically connect to the motherboard. It offers way greater bandwidth than your familiar, although defunct, AGP 8X slot. SLI is what Nvidia calls its technology that allows two or more video cards to share the graphics load when rendering say...a game. Which for you is a good thing. ATI also uses the PCI-e slots and they too have a dual graphics card solution out there known as Crossfire. It does the same thing as SLI albeit in a different way. I havent any pictures, but with a tidy search of google images i am sure you can figure out what it is you are looking for. So in summary, PCI-e is the slots used that you stick the cards in. SLI is a technology that Nvidia uses to allow two or more graphics cards to share the rendering workload of a game essentially. Hope this helps....Cheers*
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