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Right I'm running on the window 7 RC 7100 and have a copy of windows 7 professional. I know it was recommend that you do a full clean install if using Windows XP and Vista but does the same thing go if your technically already running off of windows 7? I really don't want to go threw the whole hassle of reinstalling everything and reset my settings blah blah etc...
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  1. Yep, you are going to have to do a fresh install. MS has a few things regarding it on their technet blog. Just remember to back up what you need.
  2. You must do a full install.
  3. so I won't even have to option to do a upgrade install?
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    You can save your settings and files using the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard, then restore them after you finish reinstalling.
    The W7 ETW works a treat, all you have to do is install W7 and reinstall your programs, then restore from the ETW file.
  5. Thanks, I'll probably end up doing that.
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