help solving this problem ethernet setting :oops:

hi there, let me elaborate my current settings.

We am using ADSL in my office. We are using an Aztech 600E ADSL Bridge/Router modem to dial-up the connection, and then we use a 8-port D-Link switch to split the connection to different computers within the office.

Now, because we would like to add a wireless connection to the office, therefore, i bought a Linksys WRT54G router and would like to add this device to current network. Below describes my current 'problem' network setting:-

1. Aztech 600E ADSL Bridge/Router modem - PPPoE to connect to the ADSL, modem IP =; ADSL username and password already been set in here
2. Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router - working as DHCP function, so that this router can broadcast wireless connection within this office. this router has a MAC address of 00:14:BF:9F:72:2F, default IP address of as well (i think here's is the conflict).
3. 8-Port D-Link switch to split the internet connection to the computers within the office.

my question is that, can anyone of you teach me how to turn off the router function in the Aztech 600E Bridge/Router and which type (PPPoE, PPPoA, Static, DHCP, Bridge, CLIP) of function i should use, so that i can use the Linksys WRT54G Wireless router to work as PPPoE to connect to ADSL connection, and then split the connection to the 8-port switch.

please help me as this is urgent :). thank you very much
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  1. You need to turn off dhcp on the modem router if you can. Should be in the manual or contact your isp if they supplied it. If you cant then turn off dhcp on the wireless router and let the modem router handle dhcp.
    if you turn off the wireless dhcp, run a cable from the modem router to one of the normal connections on the wireless router, not the wan port. From there run a cable from the wireless router to the switch. Then connect up the wired computers to the switch.

    the other option is to exchange the wireless router for a wireless access point. Then it would be: modem/router (with dhcp on) to the switch, access point and all other wired computers connect to the switch.
  2. It would have been a lot easier if you had purchased strickly an AP. Then All you would had to do would be plug it into a open ethernet port. Then do the security setup for the wireless.

    I use a USR5054. It has performed extremely well.
  3. thanks guys, i've solved this problem :)

    i use an ADSL modem, which does not have the router function, combined with the Linksys WRT54G wireless router to solve the problem.

    so my current network setting is like this:-

    - ADSL modem
    - Router (uses PPPoE to dial to ADSL account, broadcasts wireless connection to PCs or Laptops, splits internet connection to 8-port switch for wired connection)
    - 8-port switch (spilts connection to other existing computers within the office)
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