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Thought I would pass on a letter I just sent to the watchdog@maximumpc to highlight my experience with XFX support. Just as a warning to those out there that might care.

Dear Sir,

Well my story begins in the middle of August. My XFX 680i LT board just one day decided to up and stop posting on me after I had swapped a defective power supply. I tried everything I could think of to get it back up but no avail. So the next day at work I googled the board online and found this is not an unusual thing for the LT boards to do and there was nothing you could do but send it in for repairs.. Great.

So. On the 27th of August I phoned XFX support and that's when it all began. After almost a half hour wait, I finally got a person on the phone. Said person asked me my ticket number. I said parden? Again the tech asked what my ticket number was. I said I don't have a ticket number I just called you. "Oh", said the tech, "well you have to go online and create a ticket or I can't help you." and hung up on me. So, I'm thinking, my computer is down and to get support I need to fill out a ticket online?!?!?!?!?

Now we proceed to the next day. From work I go to the XFX website, already not too pleased, and begin creating a ticket. Which involve the usual create an account. Wait 3 hours for an e-mail, which will actually let me start a ticket. I then fill out all the information, but there is a single field that I found confusing, great. So after another 30 minute wait on the phone, I get a tech. I explain that I am creating a ticket for my motherboard but there was one field that I didn't quite understand, but that was all I needed, and would like to start the RMA process as quickly as possible after we fill it out. So, the tech proceeds to explain what they are expecting in that box and immediately hangs up. Wow.

Well fine. Against my better judgment I'll try doing this online. I fill out the single box (thanks for waiting .05 seconds tech) and wait. Surprisingly I receive a reply within half an hour and the tech does indeed start the RMA process. I am sent an e-mail with documents to sign and instructions on how to proceed. Well, I think, now we're getting somewhere. I read through the process, and according to the documents they want me to send the motherboard with the CPU still attached. Well that seems odd to me so, I log in and ask if this is really the case.

Fourteen hours latter I finally receive a reply: "Do not send anything but the motherboard. We do not want your CPU. Curtis". Which seems to imply, at least to me, that I'm an idiot for asking, despite that being exactly what it said in the instructions I was sent.

Well off I go the next day and PAY to send the motherboard to XFX (at international rates since I'm in Canada) so I can get a replacement. Ten days latter I receive a message on my ticket that they have received my board, tested it and it was indeed faulty. They will contact me shortly so they can send me a replacement. Ok I think I've been without a computer for two weeks now, but soon I'll be back in business. So, I wait and I wait and I wait and six days pass and still no contact... So I post on my ticket that I still have not been contacted. An hour later I receive a reply that the motherboard is on its way. OK....

Several days later (October 21st if your keeping score) I receive my board, but have to go away for work so I don't get a chance to install the board till the 28th. So I install the board and turn it on and nothing... sigh... well perhaps I didn't plug something in correctly. Go through all the connections, but no, everything seems right. After a full day of unplugging this, switching that, I find out that the board will refuse to post with a memory stick in slot 0. I try 4 different sticks in every configuration possible, but simply it will not post if there is a stick in slot 0. OMG I'm loosing my mind.

So off to the website I go and post just how pleased I am that I have not had a computer now for 2 months and receive a replacement that is a dud right out of the box. 2 WEEKS later they finally reply. The tech then informs me that they will send me another board immediately if I send them copies of my credit card, drivers license, first born child, etc, would I like to do that? I agree just out of desperation. Well it's been 10 days (November 21th) and I still have not received a reply.

And finally just to kick me in the balls for good measure, I receive a bill from Fedex for shipping charges pertaining to my first motherboard shipment. That is weird, I have never had to pay for warranty shipping in the past. So, I phone Fedex and am told by a Fedex representative that first of all, part of the charge is simply because XFX forgot to inform them that it was a warranty replacement, and there would be no charge on that portion if they had. And second that It was unusual for the company not to pick up any brokerage fees in cases such as these, but they didn't so they had to charge me.

I have been building systems since '87 and I have never experienced anything remotely as bad as this. So, I for no other reason I thought I would pass on my experience so you can warn others of how XFX does business.
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  1. I understand your frustration Maggion. I personaly don't have a problem with the customer care of XFX but I did have a lot of issues with their products. I never had that many problems with parts from a certain manufacturer.

    My last purchase was made in June 2007. I purchased from tigerDirect a GeForce FX 7950 GT (AGP) for myself. After a few weeks I started experiencing artefacts and glitches everytimes I played a video game. At some point I contacted XFX for support and I ended up sending my card back for repairs.

    After 3 weeks (and 30$ of shipping) I got a new card back and ran a few benchmarks to test it. I immediatly noticed that the same glitches appeared on screen so I opened a new support ticket on XFX's website.

    A few days later, I ended up sending the card again (paying another 30$ of shipping) and XFX sent me another card later on.

    Well guess what, the card was also broken. This time I could not even boot my PC with it. I tried it on different computers and tested other video cards and concluded that the card was DOA.

    I opened a new ticket at XFX and told them how disapointed I was. Of course they told me to send the card (and I did) but I couldn't belive what was happening. At that point I told them I wanted to be refunded but they refused to do so. I then asked to have my shipping fees refunded but they also refused.

    After 2, 3 weeks, I received another "new" card from XFX. After putting it in my PC. I realized that the second DVI plug was damaged and I was unable to ues my 2nd LCD Monitor. I opened another ticket about my situation. I was very annoyed at the momment, I never experienced such a frustrating situation before. The technician I communicated with couldn't understand how I could've that many issues my video card and offered me to send it to them again.

    At that point I didn't want to waste another 30$ of shipping to send the card back. I decided to keep it since it was working fine (beside the DVI-connector issue) and informed XFX I would never purchase anything made by them ever.
  2. I just wanted to post my support ticket details to show how it took them over a month to get a reply -

    [ 11/20/2008 3:28:06 AM] I have an IDE Hard Drive + an IDE DVD Burner. I have tried the dvd burner on cable select jumper and the hard drive on master. I tried the dvd on CS and the hd on CS, I have tried the dvd on Slave and the HD on master, I have tried 3 different IDE Cables but the problem still exists. - Upon Boot, the DVD gives error ATAPI Not Compatible I have tried installing a SATA Drive with the DVD on Master and on the IDE CHannel. I have tried to load default settings, optimal settings but same result. Basically, I cannot install an OS because I cannot seem to get the DVD Rom Drive to work. I installed a different DVD RW Drive, Same result. I tried installing a CDRW and got same result. Can you please give me an idea of what may be wrong here?

    [ 11/20/2008 9:58:12 PM] Can someone please help with this problem? I tried calling into the support and was put on hold for 20 minutes when your phone system simply disconnected me. Your support is extremely slow and very unprofessional and you may want to consider enhancing your support services if you want to continue increasing your sales.

    [DANIEL_E 11/22/2008 1:06:14 AM] Hi, ensure you`re using an 80 wire 40pin ide cable. If you`re using a 40 wire 40pin cable it will not allow ata66 speeds and higher. Try resetting the bios by pressing the clear cmos button on the back of the board next to the usb ports. Are you able to get a ide dvd drive working just by itself with the drive set to master. If so see if the issue only occurs when the hard drive is in the mix. Depending on your hard drive it may have multiple settings for master, i.e. master w/ 15 heads, master w/ 16 heads, master 32gb clip, etc.. So depending on which master you set the jumper too if the motherboard doesn`t like it you will get issues. Daniel

    [ 11/22/2008 1:13:04 AM] I did all of the above and no go. I am a computer expert, been in the business since 1985 and have never experienced anything like this. Possibly a bad mb? BTW, does it normally take 2 and 3 days to get back to your clients??? This is rediculous

    [BRIAN 12/25/2008 1:11:37 AM] Hi Glen, we can take a look at the motherboard if you`d like. For proceeding with RMA service on this motherboard, please verify its serial number has been registered through our website. Indicate if you are using any features (if supported by your card) such as SLI. Please confirm that there have been no modifications to the card’s physical appearance or any unauthorized firmware/BIOS flashing. Also confirm that we have your full name, best shipping address for receiving a delivery with signature required (no PO Boxes allowed for our FedEx shipments) and telephone number posted in your Customer Profile online. Thanks, Brian.

    [ 12/25/2008 9:17:34 AM] Forget it! I will never buy another XFX Product as your support is absolutely terrible! Over a month to get answered... I will be sure to post this ticket information to forums on the net to show your lack of support of your products. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT (OR LACK THEREOF)

  3. Well I suppose I will add my xfx horror story.

    Back in the middle of december my ATI X1900 died so I figured it would be a good time to get a new card. I went to Fry's and picked up myself an 8800 GT which worked great for all of two weeks. One day the thing just stopped working. So I returned it to Fry's because it was in their 30 day return warranty. The next card work for an amazing long time, 3-4 months, then the power connector started shorting things out. I go to xfx's website and create a support ticked, a week later I get a repsonse, asking if I did a whole bunch of tests that I already did. Then I wait yet another week to get a response that asks me to give my shipping address, so I give that. Two weeks later and still no response. I open yet another ticket which goes another week with no response. So I give them a call and after waiting 15 minutes on hold I finally talk to someone and get the whole RMA process rolling. A week after they get my video card, xfx tells me that its faulty and they will be sending me a new one. When I finally get my brand new video card, three months after the first one died, I'm excited. I put it in and nothing the system doesn't turn on. I play around with things and get it to turn on but no boot. As of right now I'm going to try for another card. With most companies to send out four parts to a customer that are all bad is unlikely, with xfx, I don't have much hope for getting one that works. Anyway I'm also going to write a complaint to california's fraud department about xfx see if that does any good. Maybe if all of us write enough complaints xfx will go bye bye.

  4. Scarey XFX product comments are all over the internet, this is a reply to just this one! I just bought in to a Tigerdirect bare bones bundle that included an FX 8200 MB , AMD processor, DDR memory, ... etc. While not an expert, I've probably put together 10 or 15 Tiger bare bones systems with little trouble. However, this one right out of the box will not even boot to an initial POST screen. The provided documentation for building the system is so poor that only an online search revealed that both the 24 and and 8 port power connections had to be connected to fire the MB. The bundled case power supply did not have an 8 port socket, only a 4 that had to be connected in a specific manner. Connecting the 4 port PS at least allows the MB to POST a cryptic P5 or PS code on the backpanel post display but I have yet to discover the meaning of this POST code. I suppose in 3 days the XFX support site I registered on to find out this simple tidbit of information will email something to me. After reading a few online postings, I think I'll just send this piece of Chinese junk right back to Tiger and avoid the headaches. The bundled XFX products (MB and some kind of video card that requires a power connection that is not even present within the bundled case) are however very nicely packaged. XFX should spend more $$ on technical details and less on packaging.
  5. Worst support department in existance. Just google "Never buy XFX products" and see the results ;)
  6. The fact that you all only have a post count of 1 suggests to me that you could be from a rival company. So I would advise anyone reading this to consider this possibility.
  7. i have a had a good and polite experience with XFX as i was also POLITE with them
  8. Sorry, but the XFX CS person that I got (Mark) was not very nice about providing support for the video card that I was testing out for my department and facility that I work at.

    Basically what was said by Mark was that a capacitor that is at the bottom of the card was removed and that voided the warranty of the card. When I shipped the card out to them it had everything that it was suppose to have.

    How am I suppose to know that there was suppose to have a capacitor there and that it was missing. Granted, I am (IMO) somewhat computer literate and able to notice if something is missing from a video card, but this one really blows my mind away.

    What crappy support, if this is how they are going to treat potential customers, I will tell my business manager to spend the money with another company that is willing to give the CS that a client is asking for.

    John L.
    IT Specialist
    State of Wyoming-DOC
  9. Hi guys, I am surprise that you guys got so many problems with XFX support. I bought a video card from tigerdirect (xfx 4890) in Feb, 2010. It malfunction... Took it back to tigerdirect too late to get any tech support as it was over 30 days after I bought it from them. However, their techs are a friendly and helpful bunch because they tested my pc for me free of charge and determine it was the video card and not the pc screwing up. I contacted XFX support...under 10 mins I got a tech. Anyways, shorten version of my story is their techs were friendly and professional all the way...I posted the card, 2 days after they acknowledge they received it, I was informed that they tested it and found it to be faulty. They posted me a brand new one. I signed for it from Fed Ex and that was it. I installed it and it is now working perfectly fine.

    I am happy with their service...I am encouraging my friends to buy their products because of my experience with their tech support. Prior to getting my card back I was so nervous because of all the stuff im reading about them. but I am happy with how it turn out. B.S.R
  10. Kind of a mixed bag for me on support as well, however I WILL continue to purchase from XFX. I purchased my first XFX product just over 2.5 years ago the 860GTS XXX, it ran for six months then failed. Contact via the web was a bit tedious but ran fairly well, I paid to ship the card back but they did kind of keep me updated with results along the way and eventually I received a replacement - a repaired 8600GTS XXX model. Their system however did not allow me to re-register this new serial number to my account. I sent corrospondence back and forth and eventually they just told me not to worry about it as their system was not set up to register the card to someone else once it had been previously registerd...curious.

    Two years go by and the replacement dies the same way, start the process again via web ticket. As someone had stated 'lifetime' warrenty appears to be about two years. This time around I get major stall tactics, the name of the person is the same as the one I dealt with two years prior by the way. So now...they 'need to confirm when the card was purchased, please send a copy of the receipt / invoice'. Wait I reply, you have all of this, remember you replaced the card once already and it was no problem then, so I am the same person, this is the replacement you sent, that is the date. Oh, no...not so, they say they must confirm my original, I say, we did this with the first card, they say to bad, so sad.

    This appears to be how they cut off the warrenty, they hope you do not have the orignal card paperwork years down the line. Well, I shop about and purchase an updated XFX card, from Newegg, install and am up and running...but then I remember, the first card I purchased from Newegg as well, I log back on to Newegg and search my history with them WOOOHOOO, they keep copies of invoices online so I download and send that to XFX.

    Drat I can almost hear them say, I get an RMA number. I pay to ship the card back, and a week later they confirm receipt, a week after that they confirm test shows faulty, and indicate a technician will be in touch. The technician does not contact me, a few days later I send something to them asking what is going on, and am told a card has been shipped, then the web site ticket gets updated with vauge information and a tracking number. I did some research on others getting replacements and see that XFX sends a different model as the 8600GTS is no longer made. I post a question to the web ticket about wanting information on what was sent, I am told another 8600GTS. It is arriving today, a month after this all started, the majority of this due to their stalling and hoping I would not have the paperwork from the original card that had been repleced under RMA already.

    Now, on the good side, they did stick to the warrenty, the first time was exceptional support, after two years basically they hope to get lucky...KEEP your paperwork is all I can say.

    Their products are exceptional, and support questions on other issues are handled very well, in fact exceptional. So with all this in mind, I would recommend XFX, and will purchase XFX - but keep all the paperwork for the lifetime of the card...oh, for me I will not keep this replacement card they sent (I will be shocked if it really is a 8600 series card) the one I purchased mid-stream for updated technology (250 GTS, which is just a rebranded 9800 GTX+) is fantastic - I will be putting it out on e-bay for sale, the next person will get the lifetime warrenty for it.
  11. hi guys, my name is Audy and I'm from Indonesia. Since I'm not part of any computer forum whatsoever, I figure to just add the experience here.

    I didn't have much thought on my first decision to buy an XFX product, all I know at that time (around January 2010) that newegg has the XFX HD 4870 as one of the month's customer choice card -despite the 5 percent of customer reviews filing complaints on factory lemons. I figured my luck couldn't be that bad, so I decided to give the card a go.

    I didn't exactly know how the card should perform, so despite consequent white screens, with the voice still running on the background, I managed to reach the final stage of Crysis with less hassle -until Crysis just failed completely on the spaceship stage.

    Dirt 1, call of duty modern warfare 2 and the initial stage of bioshock were also running pretty smoothly, though the latest NFS, Mercenaries 2 and a bunch of other games were a complete flops from the first two minutes -white screen, with sounds running on background.

    Including Batman Arkham Asylum, and this is why I think there's something wrong with my card, because it supposed to be able to play the game. in addition, there's no problem with the cooling system and other peripherals, so I RMA it.

    Since it's been six months, with their warranty period covers a whole year -the double lifetime warranty is only available for USA and Canada only, at least that's what the XFX guy told me- I was worried that something bad will happen to my card if I RMA it, since it has been more than 30 days (duh)

    Anyways I did, and since I didn't hear anything from them after about three days, I decided to give them a call. They say that since they've got no card of the exact series available, they will upgrade me to the HD 5770 card instead, and that I will need to pay US$20 for the upgrade. They of course refused the idea of a refund.

    I was glad, at least I'm getting a working card.

    I said that I will pay, and the guy said that the card will be ready in about a week. He, of course, said that he'll contact me once the card is ready.

    It has been more than a week, and in addition to the unknown fate of my card, I do have additional questions in mind.

    1. performance wise, HD4870 and HD5770 is not that different -putting the dx11 capabilities aside. Price wise, there's only about US$10 differences between the two at newegg and other stores. so why XFX charged me US$10 more? and hearing the stories in the web, I kindda fear that I will get another lemon from this company.

    2. living in Indonesia, we're accustomed to bad aftersale services. Yet, shouldn't a company of such caliber -at least as I initially thought- has a name list of dates on which customers are waiting without their computer peripherals? or is it a usual matter for companies to take weeks in RMAing bad seeds? I mean, I've read you guys went through months before they finally give back your RMAd products, I don't think I can stand months.

    because I did try the suggestion posted, googling "Never buy XFX products" and found more than enough reasons to convince me that I have made a mistake.

    but changing XFX with MSI, Seagate, Samsung and even Kingston bring fairly the same amount of results, bringing me to the conclusion that yes, some people just get lemons.

    anyways, I still haven't got any news from XFX, and will tell you how it happens soon.

    I figure investing in MSI HD5770 Hawk is a better option if the XFX upgraded card turns out to be another lemon.
  12. I Rma'd a 9800GT 1GB which i was running in SLI. The were prompt with the process but screwed me royally.

    [ 9/7/2010 9:24:22 PM] I`m having a issue with my videocard, my computer will not turn on if i have the card in the pci express slot. When i remove the graphics card and replaced it with a spare card it fires right up. Reinsert the old one again the computer will not even turn on.

    [ERIK_A 9/9/2010 5:37:16 PM] Be sure your online account information has a full first and last name, best shipping address for signature delivery (no PO boxes), and an up to date phone number filled out in the Account Details Section. All that information will be needed to proceed with warranty servicing. Let us know when thats confirmed. - Erik

    [ 9/9/2010 5:50:30 PM] All information is current and correct.

    [BRIAN 9/10/2010 8:38:17 PM] Hello, I have authorized your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) so that you can send your XFX product in for service. Your RMA number is X_________. Please copy and paste the following link into your browser, http://driver.xfxsupport.com/public/other/PCA_RMA_TC.pdf This form contains all the details for sending your product in for warranty service. Please read this document carefully before sending your product in. The address being used for return shipping is: ________________. If for some reason you need to use a different return shipping address or telephone number then please notify us immediately at rmashipping@xfxforce.com. Include your ticket number as the subject line. Changing the address in your online profile will NOT update the return address on the RMA.

    I took my sweet ass time shipping my card out, so no fault of theirs here

    [MICHAELC 10/1/2010 6:50:59 PM] We have received your recent returns ref: ___________. Your returns will be passed to the RMA department for testing and diagnosis. We will notify you on completion. Thank You. XFX Support Team

    [ 10/1/2010 6:54:40 PM] Thanks

    [BRIAN 10/4/2010 7:28:19 PM] We`ll keep you posted. Thanks, Brian.

    [ 10/5/2010 6:52:05 AM] Ok.

    [THOMAS_C 10/5/2010 10:28:07 PM] Your recent returns ref: _______ has recently completed the testing process with the following status: {K1H196078 = FAULTY}. A technician will be in contact shortly to discuss completion of this return. If you have any queries regarding this test result - please send a message to the support team. Thank You. XFX Support Team

    [ 10/5/2010 10:57:01 PM] What is my faulty card being replaced with? I DO NOT want ATI, i run another 9800 GT in SLI and DO NOT want ATI Junk!

    [JASONN 10/6/2010 7:46:44 PM] We have despatched your recent returns ref: _______ via www.fedex.com with tracking reference: xxxxxxxxxx. If you have any queries regarding this action - please send a message to the support team. Thank You. XFX Support Team

    Great they never even answered my question and shipped it out, I assumed i got a replacement 9800GT

    [ 10/6/2010 7:51:26 PM] What was my card replaced with? Is it another 9800 GT?

    [DANIEL_E 10/6/2010 10:25:52 PM] The product was replaced.

    [ 10/7/2010 12:20:35 AM] Replaced with what? 9800 GT or some kinda ATI junk?

    [BRIAN 10/7/2010 10:27:54 PM] Hi, the card was replaced with an ATI 5670. Thanks, Brian.

    [ 10/7/2010 10:34:50 PM] That`s less of a card than what i had.

    [ 10/7/2010 11:12:58 PM] Why was i Given ATI instead of Nvidia? Besides the 5670 being direct x 11 and newer, the card stinks. The 9800 GT beats that card in every test. Why was i downgraded to a crap card worth $75? I can't even run my other card with SLI now. They are not even compatible now plus ATI doesn't even have crossfire (how is this a even trade?)

    [ERIK_A 10/8/2010 10:03:09 PM] Hi ___, The cards are actually very close in terms of performance, there are tests where the 5670 will perform better, and some where the 9800gt will perform better, also since release when most benchmark comparing the 2 units have been done there have been quite a few driver updates that further improve a 5670`s performance. As far as the ATI for Nvidia, we are unfortunately limited at the moment to the lower end nvidia cards, the faster Nvidia unit we have is a GT240.

    I sure as hell would have waited for stock

    [ 10/8/2010 11:16:58 PM] Is it even a 1GB 5670 or did you send a 512MB 5670? If the 2nd option it is a Downgrade! and than some. Regardless it's less of a card than i had before! Tell me how these cards are close? http://www.hwcompare.com/graphics/compare.php?c=GeForce-9800-GT-1GB-vs-Radeon-HD-5670 9800GT Kills it with a HUGE margin. As a directx 11 card it`s poor across the board, i will be suffering a 15% loss in performance vs the nvidia card i had. Drivers are not going to help a 5670, the 9800GT kills it in almost everything. Plus this crap ATI doesn't support crossfire. So now i have to sell this RMA Junk you sent, so i can run SLI again. Guess the XFX Stories are true.

    So my card is about 2 days away according to FEDEX. They switched brands without even asking me. The 5670 is a POS and useless with my other 9800GT i had running before in SLI mode.

    Thanks for nothing XFX, you suck! Who wants a crap ati 5670 it will be on Ebay soon!
  13. I haven't sent in a card for about 5yrs now,mostly I had problems with the 680I-Lt's DOA. After a hassle with the tech's all 6 got fixed.I did have a 8800GTS die back in Oct of 2010 and still trying to get it fixed,so here is my story.
    I picked up 2 8800GTS on 9/21/2010 and registered them on 10/2/2010 and on 10/9/2011 one died. Did a ticket for the RMA and was told that it was out of warranty and I did not register within the 30days. I explained that I just bought them and I did register them about 12days after bought them. XFX and I went back & fourth till I sent them a copy of the invoice for the 2 cards on 2/2/2011 and they sent the RMA. I then shipped it out the next day via USPS. It was delivered to XFX on 2/7/2011 @ 11:47AM. I didn't hear from XFX untill 2/8/2011 @ 6:12PM with the standard the card is in and going out for testing and will keep you informed on the status. On 2/9/2011 @ 6:47PM Brian states the card is damaged and it was going to be returned to me.(little funny XFX had the card for almost 48hrs at this point and no one said anything about damage.)I replyed that I wanted pic of the damage and asked if there was any damage on the box? no damage on the box and the pics that were sent were of a cpu socket(like a intel 478) with bent pins.I told them the pics were wrong and they sent me pics of the back corner of the fan cover the little row of cuirts that runs the with of the card,the bottom one was broken. XFX also said the box was fine,I told them that how the card was packed no way it was damaged in shipping.(the card was wraped in small bubble wrap and put into the small white box that it came in and then wraped that box with large bubble wrap and put into the USPS shipping box.)
    When I tried to make the claim with the USPS they asked if the box and all packing material needed to be saved and for XFX to release it to the USPS inspector. I let XFX know that I needed the items and was told they dont keep the boxes or any packing,that if the box was damaged they would have taken pics of the box then got rid of the box. I explained to them that I could not file a claim if they don't have the box and that due to them not having it that they were liable for the damage. Well XFX went on & on how they don't keep boxes and to file the claim.On 2/18/2011 @ 10:00AM Brain stated that the card was fixed and was on its way to testing.(again fishy the card was fixed somehow) Then @ 11:43AM Mike C card bad and a technician will be in contact shortly to discuss completion of this return.On 2/21/2011 was given a Fed Ex tracking #,what happend to the contact from a tech to go over the case and my cpu spec like they have done in the passed.
    On 2/24/2011 Fed Ex droped off a black XFX box that was very light and I opened it and all that was there was foam shipping peanuts. On 2/25/2011 @ 7:01PM Daniel stated: Hi, you sent in the signature waiver form and signed it so the package was sent without a signature. Please take some pictures of the box and email them to me at dexfx123@xfxforce.com . Include the ticket number in the email. Did the box arrive damaged in anyway? Daniel (again fishy to state about the waiver first) I sent in pics and stated no damage on box.
    [DANIEL_E 2/28/2011 11:24:06 PM] Hi, I got the pictures. What we`re going to do is file a claim with fedex. We checked the box weight on the shipping and the box was not empty when it left our shipping facility. Since you signed the signature waiver we`ll only be able to replace the card if fedex honors the claim. Do not try to initiate a claim with fedex on your end. We`ll keep you updated. Regards, Daniel
    It took them 3 days to file the claim with Fed Ex and asked why the wieght was 1LBS 2OZ.That what I sent them was 3LBS.
    Ryan called me and said that the card was some crapy ATI card.I asked him for the weight of the so called ATI card.
    [RYAN 3/3/2011 9:33:03 PM] Scott, As mentioned over the phone, the replacement card weighs (about0 .7 LBS) much less than the old 8800 GTS you sent in. The weight is correct for the packaging plus the video card. We will need to wait to see what FedEx decides to do for this claim.
    I tried to explained to him that his math was wrong and if the card was 12oz and the box is 10oz thats 22oz = 1LBS 6OZ and as Ryan stated the weights were right then how did the shipping lable say 1LBS 2OZ.

    I was also told that if Fed Ex didnt pay the claim XFX was not going to replace the card. As this was going on somehow my profile page that shows what I have registered 4 different mainboards and 6 video cards went missing from the page. Also my father cannot log into his account and now XFX will not respond to our emails.
    As I told Ryan that how the shipping weights were off and that Daniel replyed with the defencive statement that XFX saw the wavier on file and is trying to scam me and scam Fed EX.
    As of 3/4/2011 no replys from XFX and I have a Fed Ex Supervisor that I have talked with and found out the claim that XFX made was for non-delivery of the package. I also sent XFX a certified letter stating how I feel they are trying to scam me and Fed Ex. That letter was delivered on 3/3/2011 and that was also the last time that Ryan called me and stated that no replacement card would be sent untill Fed Ex paid the claim.
    I also got on how good the ATI card are and how they out preform the Nvida cards.Also how you can run 2 ATI cards on a Nvida chipset mainboard like my 680i-Lt. Also I was told I didnt check the SLI box on the print out that has the RMA # & serial # boxes.
    I just seemed like XFX has several excuesses for them to screw the Nvida customers by giving that ATI crap. I told Ryan that if I wanted a crapy ATI card I would of bought one but I didn't I went with Nvida and for a good reason too. His reply we can do what we want and down grade or up grade how we feel.

    XfX has a few days to respond to the letter and make things right or I think of getting a class-action lawsuit started and it looks like XFX has been passing off the crapy ATI cards in place of the Nvida ones.

    If anyone want to know more on this email me and I'll update as needed
  14. I'm having issues with their tech support as well. Long story short. I had a video card that was going bad, not yet dead, but going bad. I contacted them, they gave me an RMA, I sent them the card. They tell me they tested it and it is working fine. I get it back, I get the same error. I test the card in another system and get the same error. I reinstall on my computer and load a different OS - different video error but still indites the video card.
    Boot the system later that day and I get a post error - video card. I contact tech support and they seem to be stalling. I get the impression that they are going to do a BFG and fold from video cards.
  15. bytor46 said:
    I'm having issues with their tech support as well. Long story short. I had a video card that was going bad, not yet dead, but going bad. I contacted them, they gave me an RMA, I sent them the card. They tell me they tested it and it is working fine. I get it back, I get the same error. I test the card in another system and get the same error. I reinstall on my computer and load a different OS - different video error but still indites the video card.
    Boot the system later that day and I get a post error - video card. I contact tech support and they seem to be stalling. I get the impression that they are going to do a BFG and fold from video cards.

    XFX is not making nor supporting Nvida cards from what I have been told and found out. XFX is in bed with ATI and getting a big kick-back for dropping Nvida Cards.XFX Tech's will give you excuses from it tested good to thats an old card and out dated. If you do send in a Nvida card and its bad make sure you tell them that your running the card in SLI or they will send you a POS ATI card that is a very cheep replacment like in my case I sent in a 8800 GTS and Ryan( the supervisor of the tech dept) told me on the phone that the replacement was a ATI 200 with 128MB anh how it would kick the butt of that 8800GTS. They did find me a 8800GTS after Fed-Ex paid the claim and I called Ryan up to chew him a new one.
    What I would do is send it back again USPS its cheeper and XFX doesnt like to deal with them. Take a few pics of how you wrap the card up in bubble wrap. Then the medium flat rate box is the best to ship it to XFX and also take a few pics of the box. Keep the tracking # and make notes when it was droped off to XFX and when XFX ticket let you know it was in the tect dept. You are doing this to make a paper trail so when Brian comes back a few days later and tells you it was damaged and they don't have the box (like they did to me and you cannot file a claim without the box as proof) or send you a pic of a damaged card where a corner is broken-off,you have your proof that it was shipped right with your pics. Then after every reply you make on the ticket copy&save the ticket replys for your records. Also demand to talk with a supervisor on the phone and state for them to fix it or replace it with a different type of Nvida card. Also tell them that your filing with your states attorny and the better business bureau and other internet sites also.
  16. I will take your advice, if they ever provide me with another RMA number. But here is the kicker - this is an ATI card.
  17. bytor46 said:
    I will take your advice, if they ever provide me with another RMA number. But here is the kicker - this is an ATI card.

    Just open a new ticket or you could reuse the old one and just tell them you took it to a local repair shop and they said it was bad. Good luck with them at XFX. As for me I will never buy anything from XFX again and I tell people that are looking at XFX products when I'm at Fry's, Bust Buy, etc. how XFX has a curb side warranty.
  18. 4 out of 12 XFX video cards I purchased for a small non-profit organization went bad within 6 months of each other. Other 2 are showing early failure symptoms. Unacceptable failure rate. Add my name to those that will never purchase another product from that company.
  19. My XFX Geforce 8400 SE died just 1 week before the last day of warranty. After some 18 days, they replaced it with a 8400GS, which had some weird scratch marks all over it....sadly this card lasted only a month and died.
    I pretty sure XFX gives only refurbished, half repaired cards back to people who RMA....xfx really stinks:(
  20. From corey. Been dealing with XFX replacing an SLI platform when fan died. First card went fine with the exception of 7 day delivery return through FEDEX, when I paid only 11-12$ using USPS flat-rate medium package with tracker, which arrived at XFX in 2 days.

    The second card worked fine but needed it swapped for SLI mode in that my card wasn't made any more. Not even the fans. With the second return, I added to the previous ticket that this was purely a swap for a second card to match the first and THERE WAS NO NEED TO TEST IT (WASTING TIME) and to send the matching card ASAP because of FEDEX "slow" delivery. I even put this note in the package on their form they have you mail in the "brief repair note".

    Well when they received it, they sat on it for several days. Called them up explaining that I tracked the package and was wondering why they were stalling. They explained that they have hundreds of claims and will get to when the time comes. Get this, withing a couple of hours of the call they had opened and tested the card, saying it was faulty. I said previously there was nothing wrong with the second card, don't test, just send the replacement match ASAP. Then after testing the card, instead of sending the replacement that day,(test was done by noon), they sat on it for 3-4 days. I called them again , Asked them what the heck is the delay, it's been 3-4 days since notification of faulty despite say "NO NEED FOR TESTING, SEND ASAP, SINCE THIS IS PURELY TO MATCH SECOND CARD FOR SLI." Even the caller was stumped. Well they sent it the next day.

    Viola, FEDEX IS PAST THEIR 5-7 DAY, took 9-10 days. Get this the final leg is using the SAME SERVICE I USED TO DELIVER IN THE FIRST PLACE = "USPS". I called XFX up and said why are you using FEDEX when they are so slow to deliver. That XFX should be using USPS, in that, USPS is the one to deliver the last leg anyway. NOT TO MENTION USPS delivers in 2 days, the same package that takes FEDEX with USPS help to deliver in 9-10 not customary 5-7 days. Then I pointed out the long delay to replace a matching card to the replacement when no testing was needed in order to complete the claim and that their decision to use FEDEX to begin with was XFX Fault, if FEDEX takes so long to deliver. XFX claims that once its out of their hands its not their fault, Yes it is in that they had several options UPS USPS, FEDEX, and others. Their choosing to go with slow deliver makes them responsible. Then they tell me to call fedex. Here is the catch, FEDEX and all other companies won't deal with people who did not pay them, for the service, they rendered. Only time they deal with receiving end is claim disputes. Told XFX stop playing the Blame game and that its XFX responsibility in that they chose FEDEX to begin with. At this point it took 4-5 times longer replacing both cards than it would have taken if XFX used USPS from the beginning. All i can say with little shame is I snapped and cursed the XFX caller hung up on him.

    What ever happened to quality control, and accountability? Why do companies ignore these two things in that these two things are what keep consumers loyal and repeat business. Seams with companies nearsightedness regarding short term profit stop looking long-term revenue and stability.

    This is why we had Federal regulations at one point, deregulation is bad for everyone but companies and share holders.
  22. I have XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog in my older second rig and it runs like a champ, although after reading all this i am glad i have never had a problem with it, and now i don't think i would ever get a product from them again..

    all this sounds horrible and no customer should have to deal or go through all that at all.
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