Avatar Adoption thread!

Can we have a section for this stuff?

Post your original avatars for adoption or request one from an artist. Avatar owners should be notified before you use the avatar. Once an avatar has been used/adopted, remove it from the post.
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  1. Are you mad? My avatar is patented! :kaola:
  2. but this is for adoption of home-made stuff...

    the last time I checked wasn't your avatar from a cat website ;)

    talking about websites it seems they are having trouble down over there.
  3. I'm not sure where mine is from, I know it wasn't icanhascheezburger.
  4. Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter kittah.

    I'm still trying to get people to swap avatars here ;)
  5. The one you have now is better than the last one AFG.

    I like the WIFI antenna too ...

    lol ... sorry.


    I should talk ... meh ...
  6. I liked the old one... oh well...

    The wifi's cool... draft n wireless
  7. naah ... this one is better than the old avatar.
  8. Reynod, try these from the soft serve series:

    ...and you could probably get away with using this: (which is not mine, but I got permission) (BF)
  9. hey not bad ...

    Did you do a new one for MGF ??
  10. No apparently not.

    MGF avatar development is is as slow as most Windows Apps getting ported to Mac. ;)
  11. A bit unkind ...

    /contemplates likelihood of collateral damage.

    *puts on flack jacket, helmit and ball protector*

    AFG you could always take a mirror image of your avatar and change the colur for her to use.

    She is supposed to be your alter ego ... after all.

    I will jest keep my crayon effort ... kinda matches my ineptitude wrt the whole image thing.

    BTW you had better hurry up and marry Randomizer ... the world ends in a couple of weeks ... once the LHC starts slamming sub atomic particles into each other ... lol.

    I just cashed in my LSL and am going on a holiday.
  12. Randomizer is scared of me hugging him... what do you think?

    Alter ego? no?
  13. He is into cats ... you should be fine.
  14. Reynod said:
    He is into cats ... you should be fine.

    You... are a dirty bastage :lol:
  15. So its a no? ;)
  16. amdfangirl said:
    So its a no? ;)

    No, I'm not "into cats". At least not in the sense I was referring to :heink:
  17. deleted
  18. Not boasting at all :bounce: <---- (what is that thing for?)
  19. I have no idea

    Lick me?

    I just felt like it. Is that a hat? Weird?
  20. I think not.
  21. Stupid Stupid Stupid

    Need I say more?
  22. Jeez ... what did I start?
  23. I don't know Reynod, you tell me.

    AFG, I haven't slept in 36 hours. Don't mess with my malfunctioning mind, I might divide by zero.
  24. your flickr pic doesn't show here ...
  25. 36hrs ... wtf is going on there matey ...??

    Since the world is going to end I went and got another guitar today .. can't have too many guitars ...
  26. randomizer said:
    I don't know Reynod, you tell me.

    AFG, I haven't slept in 36 hours. Don't mess with my malfunctioning mind, I might divide by zero.

    I drank soy coffee?

    Malfunctioning mind = drunk?

    Hmm there's a possibility...
  27. Meanwhile, we should stay moderately on topic...

    relief alas from that terrible...

    Why is it always black clothing?
  28. Reynod said:
    36hrs ... wtf is going on there matey ...??

    Halo 3 system link all night and until about 8:30am. I didn't sleep through the following day either, went to bed at ~10:45pm.

    amdfangirl said:

    Why is it always black clothing?

    Funerals or emo-ism?
  29. Must be alot of dead emos?
  30. Emo funeral, wow, what a mess :lol: Isn't there a bit too much smile in that pic for an emo or a funeral?
  31. ^ Propbably happy Chikadee died
  32. Oh snap
  33. Oi! I am alive thank you very much!

    You bored match-making internet slums! Why do you insult me all the time?
  34. Silent are we?

    Cowards! Show yourselves!!!
  35. Bleh
  36. Missy, you'd better explain yourself!

    Emo music is a genre, not something laughable! Stop discriminating me!


    Anyway, have you thought about inviting me to your birthday party Missy?
  37. Emo music... *shudders*
  38. If you don't like it then don't insult it.
  39. So I should insult it if I do like it?
  40. macgirlfriend said:
    If you don't like me singing emo then don't insult the genre.

    Corrected :D
  41. BTW: You are not invited to the party

    Stop threadjacking Chickadee...

    Who wants choco-caffene!
  42. Can I have the avatar then, Missy?
  43. Umm... Sure... Which one?
  44. Better give her what I suggested --- a mirror of your new one.

    Change the colour to something EMO ... I hate that genre ... I am too old to understand it other than some kind of dsturbed iteration of 80's Goth ... spawned by some RSPCA nut perhaps.

    Tree huggers ...
  45. Second thoughts give MGF a Supergirl costume and lose the tea cosy hat.
  46. Anybody know what Chikadee meant?
  47. sorry I have just been rambling on to myself here ...
  48. That's the first sign of madness. The second is thinking the Earth is flat and the third is thinking that light sources are actually dark suckers (ie. they absorb dark, rather than give off light).
  49. Maybe I'll feed randomizer more chocolate.
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