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Hey guys I bought a x850xt a few weeks ago and it had to be returned. So its being shipped to Newegg right now and I just wanted another one but there all out. So is tigerdirect. So Im just gonna get something else and have $250 to spend. I dont care if its 7900 or 1900 but just which one is better and links of them would be great. I want the card to not have problems like the x850 did. Also im down with 512 if its possible.
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  1. Are we to assume that this is for PCI-E?

    Please post your full system specs.
  2. yea sorry pcie

    p4 3.5
    1 gb corsair 6400
    ultra x2 550w
    ultra aluminus case
  3. The above choices are all great, any of those cards are great value for the money.

    I just have one more to add, that I consider to be currently a good deal.


    Perfomance wise, it is slower than a x1950Pro mentionned above, but at this price it's still a steal. Evga also has a lifetime warranty that is not voided by OC'ing or using aftermarket coolers.

  4. nice find. 8)
  5. ok so anything thats gonna be a big difference compared to the x1950pro thats 250 or below? It seems like all the cards are selling out.
  6. That $200 X1950pro is probably the best bang for the buck card in that price range. I'd go for that.
  7. ok sounds good im gonna order it.
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