ATI CrossFire and Physics

I'm sure this is old news but does anyone know when this will become avalible
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  1. So is that to say that if I am crossfiring a pair of x1950XTX cards.. I would need a 3rd card.. in a standard PCI slot to run physx? My mainboard doesnt have 3 crossfire slots . AND if it is running on a standard slot wont that run into the bottleneck Aegia had?
  2. Nobody knows. You'll have to check ATI and nVidia websites for more info, or search here. They both announced a multicard solution when the PhysX card came out earlier this year, to try to steal some thunder. Both ideas are still in the lab, and they may never become products. Although I'm sure both would be very happy for everyone to be forced to buy 2 or 3 cards. They have to make licensing deals with Havoc, and then wait around for game studios to make the Must Have games. Sort of like we're all waiting for a real PhysX game to arrive. Now we have multi-core GPU's, and CPU's that could handle more AI and physics calculations. It's hard to make predictions, especially concerning the future. :wink:
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