Radeon XD Series (4870 X2 is just the beginning)

ATI Radeon XD Series

No proof yet. I will post some if I find some.
I just made this up. Its Future Ideas
Please lay off the insults

AMD Synthronize Technology allows you to use The Grphics Dedicated Memory as Physical.
Meaning if you have a 2GB AMD Synthonizer Capable card with GDDR5 Memory physical memory will have an added 1GB DDR5 when enabled

Radeon XD 5100/5250/AMD 870G
-Intergrated Graphics Part
-R900 Chipset
-256MB/512MB GDDR3
-up to 2GB shared Memory(2GB/1GB/512MB/256MB/128MB Shared + 256MB/512MB GDDR3 Dedicated)
-AMD Synthronize Technology Capable Allows sharing Graphics Memory as Physical Memory(with maximum of 256MB DDR3 with this IGP)

Radeon XD 5300
-PCIe 2.0 and AGP 8x
-R800 Chipset
-512MB GDDR3
-AMD Synthronize Capable/Limit 384MB DDR3 Maximum
-OpenGL 2.1/3.0
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  1. This section is for future Tom's Hardware article ideas. You could always post this in the "Other" section ;)
  2. Try suggesting this to AMD...
  3. amdfangirl said:
    Try suggesting this to AMD...

    They'd tell you they've got working samples already.
  4. Sadly, they'd refuse your requests to see or "help test" said samples. :P
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