Ninja, Infinity, Mine, Big Typhoon, Thermalright. Best one?

All these make the grade for wusy's Conroe OC'ing guide as to the best air cooler for the job. My question is, is any one of them specifically better than the others? Is it worth the extra $10-20 to get the Infinity 120 or 128 over the Mine, Ninja, or Big Typhoon?

Right now I'll just get whatever's cheaper, unless someone can sway me. I want to push my E6600 just a little at first, then maybe some more. But I never want it over 60C.

Other suggestions are welcome, as long as they are of the same caliber as these and will work with wusy's guide. Keep in mind I only have a mid tower case, so size might be an issue. I have an exhaust fan as well so any cooler that blows upward would be nice.


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  1. The Tuniq Tower 120 is best out of them all. And its shorter than the Inifinity and the like so it fits in practically any case.
  2. I vote for the thermalright si-128, blowing cool air down onto the chipset, vrm, and mem is a real good idea.
  3. Tuniq really is the benchmark!

    This thread has it all!
  4. I think I will go for the Tuniq. But does it come with a fan? If not, can someone point me to a quiet one that can really perform?
  5. It does, its sandwiched btw the fins. But a FM121 would be a very nice upgrade.
    Dont forget to lap it!
  6. Ah, so it does. Two more questions:

    Can I orient it to direct airflow up so it will vent through my top fan? My Lian Li PC-65 came with 4 80mm fans.

    Could you point me to a good lapping guide?
  7. I believe you cant mount it that way, because of its lenght, but I could be easily wrong. shall provide with everything you need. Look into wusys posts about it for more pro advice too.
  8. I was thinking about that to because I am gettting a TJ09 with 2 top 120MM fans.

    Having a Tuniq in my possesion right now, I can tell you that the LGA775 bracket will let you do that, but depending on you case, it my not be Possible, you need to check the dimension of the heatsink and cases!
  9. Quote:
    I can tell you that the LGA775 bracket will let you do that, but depending on you case, it my not be Possible, you need to check the dimension of the heatsink and cases!

    Yeah, what I meant, because of its dimensions.

    I think that, exclusively with a Tuniq Tower 120, it might be better to have the exhaust side of the Tuniq in the same side as the exhaust fan on the case, so it would increase the airflow speed in this side of the cooler. But it comes to a conflict when you think that you wouldnt be exhausting the 'hot' hair from the Tuniq.
  10. That heatsinks too short to even be considered a 'top of the line' one.
  11. Tuniq tower 120 is probably a wise choice to get...
  12. Thermalright Ultra-120 with 2-fan push pull set up.
  13. The Asus looks like a Zalman cooler. Very "chic", but can't match the Tuniq performance. It would be fine for a mild overclocker who wants a glowy fin thing (my adjectives are incredible). I'm still partial to the Tuniq because it comes with a fan. Heat rises, so I want to make as much use of that top fan as I can. Plus, my intake fans are on the bottom, next to the HDD cage. I can suck cool air off the bottom of the cage to cool the CPU and mobo.
  14. You really gotta check Northbridge clearance and have at least 1-2`` between the mobo and the top fan!
  15. I should check the Northbridge clearance, but I seriously doubt I'll have trouble with top fan clearance. It's a Lian-Li stock case, no fans added/removed, nothing changed. As an ATX mid tower any standard ATX mobo should have adequate clearance. I never actually measured but it looks to be at least 3 in to me.

    By the way, it's an ASUS P5W DH. I'm sure someone has paired this with a Tuniq. But I will take out the case soon and measure anyway.

    Read in another thread (labbbby you were there I think) about the voltage regulator and Northbridge not being adequately cooled by non-flower HSFs. The Lian-Li has 4 fans in total, and the P5W has decent heatsinks, plus a fan. Under these conditions, I shouldn't need to use the CPU cooler to blow air on these electronics right?

  16. Looking at the picture, the heatpipe going from the NorthBridge to the VRMs might be get you into a clearance issue.

    Now I can't find good pics, but I suggest looking for Coolaler's result, 90% of the time he uses a Tuniq.
    From this thread

    I dont think the tuniq will fit...

    unles the Northbrige cooler is les then 5.5cm thick

    About VRM you can always use the little clip in fan =)
  17. Only if the Amanda mammoth wouldnt use a stupid TEC...
  18. Lol, and those string to make sure it doesn't stress the mobo =).

    Also that 4 crossed heatpipe(for the tec) is pretty funky.
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