FSB:DRAM ratio question.

Currently I have 6300 cpu OC'ed to 2.33 x7 333mhz FSB(bus speed)
My memory is Patriot 667 5300 2gigs 44412 timings. Currently my ratio is 1:1
Ram running at it's stock speeds.

My question is, I can easily OC memory to 1067mhz stable or 800..etc 44412 timings. Will that benefit me at all? I know I can OC cpu further but for now I have stock fan and don't want to push my luck.

I heard that running higher mhz memory wont benefit me at all since it can't really run at it's true speed since bus speed is lower anyway. Is that true or if not can someone give a simple explanation please ;p

I am also confused about, Rated FSB thing in CPUz it says 1332mhz.... does it mean there wont be bottleneck if I OC ram more?
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  1. Nm, just read, memory basics on OCforums. Seems like my setup is proper and I need not change a thing.
  2. RAM on i3 3220 needs to be like 1333mhz as default (it OK - enough)
    otherwise it's allowed for 1600mhz RAM becouse HD integrated graphics needs more mhz on DDR3 for graphic memory read.
    otherwise you don't need to O.C. RAM if u use discrete GPU (standalone graphic card)

    I do use GTX 650 OC 2gb and i3 3220 with 1333mhz CAS 7
    I do have LUCID virtu MVP onboard my motherboard.
    I must say this work swell (i play CRYSIS 2 ok with HIGH and some very high detail but I get fps from 50-60.
    very responsive and more smooth gameplay with Virtu MVP i can say am very pleased with this new technology.
    I get more frames out of GTX 650

    before I had G2020 but still only two cores aren't enough for quality games i3 simulates 4 cores (they really work like 4 !!!)
    and its a big difference with HD2500 on i3 than ordinary HD graphic iGPU on G2020 (with virtu MVP its a big difference)

    my mobo : ASUS P8B75-M
    I can change FSB to DDR ratio from auto to 100:100 or 100:133
    but as I try 100:100 on UEFI BIOS menu it shows an option 1400mhz DDR3 & 1600mhz
    I have G.SKILL RIPJAWS F3-10666CL7D-4GBRH
    they are good to O.C. i can go up over 1500mhz on CAS 7-7-7-21-2N and 1.50v default
    so I feel like going with 1400mhz still on 1.50v and original latencies
    I feel good with this non O.C. i3s they are enough strong already (intel did this job very good) saved enviroment :)
    still there is not much difference with 1333mhz or 1400mhz (i just can use a litle bit of luxury since there G.SKILL rock good)
    but I bet if I would have 8gb kit it would work even faster (good question)
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