How To Crack WEP

This is probably one of most popular networking articles. Share your successes and frustrations with WEP cracking. Or just tell us whether we should have published this at all.
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  1. I personally don't feel the need (or want) to hack to other people networks. No reason this article should not have been published, I'm sure this info was already out there.
  2. Why not!
    That information is available all through the net. And only by bringing vulnerabilities out into are we able to effectively increase security to counter hackers
  3. I am mobile communication engineer and at the moment i am working on a security project for the firm where i work. So the article was and is interesting. But i think you should write for example how can someone hack himself in an Ad-Hoc network. Cause i tried it earlier before this article came out with the same tools and it didnt function.

    But the both parts nevertheless are useful and interesting so keep going the same way.
  4. Hello I've read the artical and think it was very informative, as the serious hackers have had this info for some time I feel it is very important for those of us who want to improve our level of protection to be aware of the tools being used and the weakness of our systems. I do have one question and I know it's dumb one, but is there a way to down load the complete artical so that the screen shots that are referenced in the artical show up? I try cut and paste but I can only paste to note pad etc. I'm using xp pro svc pk 2 and ie6 Thanks in advance.
  5. Quote:
    but is there a way to down load the complete artical so that the screen shots that are referenced in the artical show up?

    You should be able to use your browser's "save as web page feature".
  6. I think that it is a good read for people on both sides of the line. Those who are defending, and those who are attacking.

    I personally read it after I had already cracked a neighboring WEP encryption key, so I already knew a majority of the information provided. However for someone who has never touched on the subject would benefit greatly from the article as it is far easier to understand than the simple notepad files provided with the program.

    I have a strictly windows laptop so cracking the network took me an insane amount of time since you can not stimulate the network traffic unless you run linux. Also a nice thing about using Air Crack for cracking is that it will pick up the computers connected and their MAC Address. So if MAC address filtering is applied, you can simply change yours to match.
  7. Hi!

    I think this is a very good article.
    Since my network does not support wpa, i think this easyness may be a real danger for my network.

    but i have a question: on the list, posted in the article, there are some cards using other (newer?) prism cpus mentioned. e.g. the prism gt on some new cards. do they have the same possibility as the prism 2? If not, the dangerness should lower due to less cards with prism 2.

    many thanks for your answers.

  8. It was a very informative article on security.

    As with all security articles in the wrong hands it is bad. Yet some users still don't see it being bad/weak security. I guess some security is better than none even if it's weak.
  9. I have a question requiring the equipment needed in order to perform this, I have a 802.11b D-Link DWL-122 that is based on PRISM 2, its a USB wireless adapter. Now would this adapter work when trying to do this? Or does it have to be a PC card type? My main reason for asking this question is because when trying to type in "iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor" as told by the article I keep getting the following error,

    Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
    SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported.

  10. I'm starting wonder if maybe my USB Prism 2 wireless adapter doesn't support monitor mode? It would be nice to get some help on this if somebody could please reply with an answer or suggestion.

  11. hi! I'm kinda new with this forum. And I am actually interested with the wep cracking article. My question is is it possible to us network adapters that has prism 2.5/3/Gt or Intersil prism 2.5 instead of the prism 2.0? and also what are the difference between those chipsets? thanks! 'coz i've been trying to look for a network adapter that has prism 2.0 chipset in it but it seems like i can't find one
  12. I am entised with this set of articles on how to crack wep keys. I do have one question though, the article had made a comment that when cracking WEP, it is possible to crack WEP with only one laptop, but it didn't offer any instruction of how to do this. Not everyone has two laptops handy. There are people who can't afford to have two laptops and two wireless LAN cards. If someone (moderator, user, etc.) could at all write up a brief article/summary, email me the code/commands of how to perform this, I would greatly appreciate it. If someone could also post something in the forums so that other users could benefit from it. I have searched the forums and have been unable to find anything along the matter. I have also tried performing the step-by-step tutorial of how to crack WEP, but for some reason, I get hung up on the part where I try to run Aireplay for an ARP packet and starting a VOID11(deuth) attack to kick a comp. off the WLAN so it tries to reassociate and send an ARP packet for Aireplay to capture. So, if there is a different set of commands, different programs to use, some way to use one laptop instead of two, could anyone please post another article, attach an article, post in forum, email me? It would greatly benefit me as well as others. Here is a direct link of the article where it talks about using one laptop instead of two. After clicking on the link, type Ctrl+F and search for the words "one computer": Thank you for your time...and anyone, please help!
  13. i've been trying to use my orinoco gold and i cant put it on monitor mode can somebody please help me :evil:
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