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iv just got a laptop running windows 7, i put a clock (gadget) on the desktop and a AVG gadget.

now this laptop came with an already installed virus checker, but seeing i downloaded AVG i uninstalled this pre installed virus checker but before that i put a 'system restore' point, just in case.

everything was going well until i came to a web site that said i needed to install an update/upgrade of flash player to view the video, i clicked on install and AVG kicked in and said it was a trojan and did i want to move it to the vault which i did, but as soon as i clicked on the button, to move it, the internet went off.

now im on my desktop and every shortcut i click to open i get a message ' what program do you want to open this with' which isn't right, so i decide to do a system restore and the only way to do this is through 'safe mode' and the latest restore point is before i removed the preinstalled virus checker, so i had it use that one.

all is going fine the laptop restored to this point my gadget clock is showing and the AVG gadget, now i got to uninstall the pre loaded virus checker again did that and it asked for me to restart the laptop, so i did.

now when the laptop restarted my clock gadget is just a black square with half a red line on and the AVG gadget is virtually just an outline, tried to install a gadget but in just would not, downloaded a new gadget but when doubleclick on it nothing, anybody got any ideas how to get these gadgets back

some of the information above may not be connected to the problem, but i thought it might be helpful to type all that happened before the problem.

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  1. Run your AVG antivirus to check for virus. Make sure your AVG has all the recent updates. Is this the free version or the Pro version? Also manually check for Trojons. I use AVG pro and it is very good about warnings.
  2. Yes my AVG is up to date and i have just run a 'whole computer' scan and no problem, i have got AVG 2011 free edition,

    My laptop seems ok apart from just the 'gadgets'
  3. ok done a web search and found the answer, had to download a .bat file called 'gadget reset' i have put the link to that below if anybody else has this problem, its from a site similar to this one.
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