Antares Digital -- anyone dealt with them?

Well I think I'm going to get the LG GGC-H20L Blu-Ray/HD DVD Combo drive because I need a decent blu-ray drive. I've been looking on google to compare prices to newegg and saw Antares Digital. My real question though is this company Antares Digital ( has the best price I've seen on the LG Blu Ray at $110. Also they are about an hour away from me. I probably won't drive up there cause I'm lazy but shipping should be fast. I've never ordered from them before and was wondering if I can get opinions on them. I don't feel like getting screwed by an online retailer.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. BUMP!

    I'm bumping this thread with the same question.

    I wanna get the D0 stepping Core i7 from them. Plus they have a few other parts I have chosen for my build. If I buy from them over newegg I automatically save 8.25% 'as they don't charge me sales tax. (the sales tax on my whole newegg build is $140)

    They have a good rep here, .

    Anyone else bought from them?
  2. I just placed my order. I'll update later for the benefit of people who find this thread in a search, as I did.
  3. Two thumbs up for Antares Digital.

    I placed my order on Sunday night. Monday morning a sales rep e-mailed me to say one of the items in my order was out of stock and suggested an alternate, comparable item. I e-mailed back and said fine. My order shipped later that day.

    Everything I got from the was good to go. I would recommend them to anyone.
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