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VoIP has become a major industry thanks to the efforts of startups like Vonage and Skype, which have led innovation in the VoIP market. But VoIP's success has not escaped notice of the folks who supply your normal dial tone, and some have decided to also venture into this brave new world. Verizon is one such company with its VoiceWing service aimed at home users.
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  1. Which company aims for the "high-end" users, actually the corporate ?
  2. If you need to get your Verizon Voicewing Service fixed please call these folks. Be careful, they're high-level Voicewing managagers; although you wouldn't know it by speaking with them. They're ranked from highest to lowest. Cindy is the worthless manager of the low-level IT folks.

    1. John Vroten (SuperDumb Headboss of Voicewing)
    wk. 908-559-1413
    cl. 703-801-2169

    2. Robert Ramirez
    wk. 908-559-1470

    3. Cindy Mong (this lady is worthless)
    wk. 972-465-4572
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