MSI 915PL Neo-V - Problems

I got a strange problem with my pc. It's fairly new, got it about 5 months ago. It worked fine for about 3 months, but recently its been experiencing 2 different problems. Pc Specs :

mobo 915PL Neo-V (bios version 1.2)
cpu P4 3.2ghz
ram 1gig ddr400
gfx 6800gt agp
psu proline 300w

Problems :
First problem I have sometimes(rarely) is that when I switch the pc on there is no display. Usually unpluging/fiddling will get it to work in about 2 reboots. Unfortunately this didn't happen the once, worked it down to being the gfx card (was completely not working in my pc or another persons). Put it back in my pc the next day and it switched on first time..... ????

Second Problem is that after the booting through the bios the pc will just hang. Usually the screen where it detects all the peripherals on the mobo comes up (basically the f8 screen). Instead of shooting through this in .3s like normal it will not even show it, it will just stop and show a blinking cursor at the top of the sceen. I've sort of worked it down to ...something.... but I don't understand why its doing this. It detects everything perfectly fine during the bios, I can overclock my pc and do anything i want before that screen.....

If anybody knows whats happening i'll be grateful.
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  1. I don't have the same problem as you have. But i got the same mother board the " 915PL Neo-V". I took my computer to the technician and he told me that these motherboards aren't good at all. they give a lot of trouble.
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