Where to buy from Bulgaria?

Hey all, I'm from Canada and am currently in Bulgaria and I need to buy a new pc and the prices here are astronomical for hardware so I'm looking for a shop that can ship here. I looked at normal shipping from Canada to here and it costs average $400 to ship my pc without lcd so considering I'd have to ship it back eventually; that's $800.. so I may as well just buy something new.

I wrote ncix back home and they said they can't ship here because they're fat and kiss men. I've checked many of the local shops here in Bulgaria and for a medium system with no top hardware it costs an average of 1 gazillion dollars so I'm looking for something that is reasonable. Tax here is normally 20% which isn't much diff from 13.5% in Canada but the average cost here after tax is about 30% higher.

I'd like something with cheap raid'd ssd's, 2 x NVidea 260's or 2 x 4870x2's (depends on prices) and with a decent OC'd cpu (e8500 / q6600) and some ballistix.

Anyone know of any good comp shops in Europe that aren't expensive and can ship to Bulgaria?
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  1. I'm heading to Denmark and I'll try to order stuff from there and drag it back to Bulgaria.
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