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Can a virus erase a computer;s restore points?

my computer running windows7 started acting funny so I tried to
use system restore whera got the following mesage "your system has not created any restore points "

I tried to enable system restore but I keep getting file error messages. Help
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  1. viruses can do so. Seen it happen on Vista, and Vista isnt a step farther from 7, soo...

    Some smarter viruses actually imbed themselves into restore points, so that even if you restore, it comes back.

    That "erase all restore points" is a new one to me. Kinda like using a sledgehammer to the surgical scalpel solution I explained above, though.
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    If you have a Windows 7 NTFS disk that gets mounted on an XP system it will silently delete restore points because it doesn't support Windows 7's ability to create multiple restore points. This can happen if you have an external drive that you connect to an XP system, or if your system dual boots Windows 7 and XP.
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