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ok so i was surfing the net and i came across this
so i liked it, but i thought, what if u want all 4 ram dimms cooled? and i came across this
and i got to thinking... what if i wanted both sides of my 4 dimms cooled? and i came across this
which in my opinion is pretty badass

so i was thinking, what is u had 2 of the headers, and 8 of the dimms, now i zoomed in and i saw the headers only had about 4 slots so i was thinking, have 2 headers, about 2 scerw places from the end, with each header being connected to a quad dimm luquid cooler at once, i know this is hard to under stand so i did some paintshop work, so would this work? how would it do compared to the koolance ram solution? has anyone tried this?

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  1. Water cooling for RAM these days (if not ever) is a bit unnecessary and wouldn't be worth the cost/hassle for such minimal results.
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