Sorry, this thread doesn't exist

Whenever I do a search on this forum and click on one of the threads, I get this message.
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  1. Yeah, get this too (which REALLY hampers the usefulness of this board).

    FYI when you click on a link (to one of my posts), the URL is this:

    But searching for the same article invalidates the link, like this (note the 12 is now 30):

    I'm guessing the search facility has a bit of code that just fishes out the wrong forum number.
  2. ditto. I have experienced the same thing on a regular basis. It is annoying has h3ll.
  3. It's back!! I tried to start a new thread on this but site feedback does not appear in the menu options. I just click post new thread and was taken to a screen with menu options but nothing for feedback :(

    If I try to open an existing thread by clicking on the flag then I get the famed 'Does not exist message' however if you click on the thread name then you can open it. This is on the UK site and is browser independent.

    Sorry BOM but your site blows chunks at the min.
  4. Thought it was just me when it started yesterday.

    I concur with the chimp. It's utter bobbins.
  5. Hi,

    A new search system was just implemented on the forum. There are many bugs with it that we are trying to work out. This is definitely a known issue.

  6. How a search system breaks basic forum functionality I do not see. Not wishing to sound totally insulting but have you ever heard of TESTING?
  7. Forum navigation is a bit screwy at the moment, the main thread/page seems OK, but anything beyond that...

    If THG are looking for developers, I'm open to offers... I'll consider anything that isn't illegal, immoral or fattening (the Morals bit is always negotiable).
  8. Audiovoodoo,

    I agree with you 100%. I ask the same thing every day. From what I understand, most people coming in from non U.S. sites are redirected to Tom's U.K... There are TONS of problems on Tom's U.K. I am going to suggest redirecting everyone to Tom's U.S. until those problems are fixed, because its simply ridiculous to have one working system but force people to a broken system.

  9. Yes, I tried to go to the UK site, its buggy as summer night...

    Why do you maintain two separate sites anyway?
  10. Hey,

    From what I'm told, its to help advertisers target UK users. I suggested that we, at least until the bugs are fixed, redirect all users to the U.S. site. I was resoundingly overruled. That is why I am working so hard to get all these bugs fixed.

  11. <Rant> I just don't see why the base forum code should be different, this just breaks the ruled of good (software) engineering; haven't the designers ever heard of software re-use? </Rant>

    Ok, Rant over (for now) but things like this just wind me up!
  12. I get this same error whenever I try to click on one of the red or blue flags next to a post (to skip to the new messages). I am from the US but I get redirected to the UK forums no matter what I try. As soon as I click on a forum it takes me to the site.

    I know this is in another post but I also can't edit or quick edit my posts.
    Edit: actually I can edit posts in this forum but not in any of the CPU & Components forums.

    Also, my sig has never worked.

    This is getting pretty annoying.
  13. The forum site needs to get bombed. I can see a reason for a UK main site, but the forums are mirrors of each other but one works for the most part and the other is riddled with problems.
  14. A revamp? Say start from base? Say something widely used and bug-free like Vbulletin?
  15. amdfangirl,

    I have reported this issue. As for changing forum systems, I have my opinions on that too that I will not outline here to protect the innocent :)

  16. O live in the uk and never use the uk site becauses its always a few days out of date and the layout and functionality is terrible. Like the others im having the thread doesn't exist problems and all the other problems to.
  17. Hey,

    What do you click on when you get the error?

  18. I still get this error. For example, when I click on the blue flag on the forum page next to this message (to skip down to the new posts) I get the error.

    When I hover over the flag the link displays as:

    When I click on the flag it takes me to:

    It gives the message:
    Sorry, this thread doesn't exist

    Back to previous page
  19. Hey,

    Thanks, now I see it and have reported it.

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