Linksys HG200 & HU200 probs

Hi, I don't know much about wireless networking but this is the setup I have.

Linksys HG200 adsl wireless router,
Desktop pc wired to router running win xp pro,
Desktop pc with Linksys HU200 usb wireless adapter running win xp pro
centrino laptop with wifi running win xp home

as I said I don't know much at all about this stuff so all I have done is set it up with the basic settings supplied by my isp.
The problem i'm having is that the wired desktop is fine with full net access and the laptop connects fine with full net access but the 2nd desktop running with the wireless adapter connects to the router ok but cannot get online.

I notice that dchp ? is set to enabled and all settings are set to auto. The instructions that came with the router are pretty poor as they give an idea of what features it has but not what any of this stuff means!

the router firewall is enabled and xp firewall disabled on the problem pc but still no worky. I also found that the router does not seem to be assigning an ip address to the problem pc but the network works ok.

I have tried the supplied software and the windows wireless config but to no avail. tcp/ip is set to auto as well ?

It must be clear by now that I don't really know what i'm doing so any help or a nudge towards some usefull guides would be appreciated.
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  1. Did the second desktop that now has the wireless USB adapter work fine when connected via Ethernet?

    Check the Device Manager to make sure that the USB adapter shows up under network adapter and there are no problems flagged.

    Are you using the Linksys client or the built-in XP wireless utility? If you're running the Linksys utility, make sure that the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" box in the Wireless Network Connection Properties > Wireless Networks tab is UNCHECKED.
  2. I am going to say that you should take a look inside the wireless configuration on the second desktop. From your notes I say you might have forgotten some pertinent information such as the WEP key or something along those lines...Since you say you are new to wireless I would like to take the time to note that you're opening yourself up to attack on a large scale, ESPECIALLY without any encryption.

    The encryption can be broken if someone wants it bad enough unless you change the key often, and think about this situation from a wardrivers perspective:

    I'll be the wardriver in this instance and when I am rolling around your neighborhood scanning for wireless AP's I will see your network whether or not SSID is broadcasting...But I have your unencrypted network in a list of about 4 other encrypted networks, which am I going to choose? obviously the easiest road which is your network.

    just food for thought, wardriving is being more and more popular....
  3. Hi, thanks for the replies, the router only has one ethernet port and with the second pc connected directly it works.

    I have been trying to use WPA security, again this works on the laptop fine but wont let the desktop connect. The key has been double checked frequently!

    Being frustrated with the linksys ultility I un-installed and just used the adaptor driver along with the windows wireless ult. Device manager reports its working ok.

    I think I may have discovered something. when I try to repair the connection windows tells me its failed because the router is failling to assign an IP address. the router is set as default to dchp enabled and connects to the laptop ok.

    In the dchp table the desktop is not listed so how do I fix this please ?.
  4. You won't be able to lease a DHCP address or do anything else if wireless connection isn't authenticated and allowed to associate with the router/AP.

    Three things:

    First, disable wireless security temporarily and see if you can get the wireless desktop to connect.

    Second, go here

    and download and run the installer for this XP WPA patch. It will tell you if it's already installed.

    Finally, go to Linksys' website and check for a later version of the driver and utility for the USB adapter. I can't find the device on the US site. Also check the product box and user manual and make sure that WPA is supported.
  5. ok first off this is the router I have

    I downloaded the patch but could not install it as I have a more up to date version. I have the lastest firmware and adaptor drivers that I could find.

    I then disabled the wireless security and it found the desktop said it was connected for aprox 5 secs then disconnected in a continuous loop.

    I decided to reset the router to factory settings and booted up to find it was now working but with no web access still. I then found something in the router setup called Block WAN Requests and unchecked this. I now have internet access but running completely unsecured which as you said is not good. Unfortuantly the Kids are now surfing so i won't be able to play around with the securities untill tomorow.

    Question ?, in the wireless connection security I have 2 options in WPA PSK, AES or TKIP, which one should I be using.

    Thanks for all your help
  6. So the wireless is now working?

    As soon as you can, turn that BLOCK WAN REQUEST option back on, since it will help keep your router from being targeted by attackers.

    WPA-PSK with TKIP is fine, but use AES if you can get it working since it's a bit more secure.

    More important is to use a long WPA-PSK key. See this article:

    How long does a WPA key need to be?
  7. Yes its all working now thanks.

    I'm still not sure why the router would not assign an IP address to the wireless pc but has no problem with my laptop.

    I setup WPA PSK security ok and when I added the pass phrase to the laptop it re-connected imediatly but the desktop again took a while.

    At least it still works though.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out.
  8. Guess the factory defaults reset did it.

    Hope it keeps working for you.

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