Dual Core Mobo with DDR1 & AGP

Is it possible to get a mobo that suports both ddr & 2 with pci & agp, or am i living in a fantasy world? :roll:
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  1. This supports DDR/DDR2 and AGP/PCIe, as well as Core 2 Duo:


    The PCIe slot is only 4x though (with a 16x connector), and this does have an effect on graphics performance in some situations. Also, some people have reported issues when using PCIe graphics cards - it seems only certain cards will work with it. I wouldn't go for it myself due to these problems, but if you really need what your asking for this is probably your only option.
  2. Hi there

    I have an ASRock Dual VSTA that supports Core 2 Duo, DDR, DDR2, AGP and PCIe

    I also have an ECS "something or other " mobo that supports Core 2 Duo, DDR, DDR2 and AGP.

    They were both bought from Ebay and both work absolutely fine for me, despite threads that say otherwise

  3. I second it, system as per sig. No problems. Also used a 6600GT AGP and it was fine. Board is not an Overclocker. Am getting 5500 in '06 on a GTO which on benchmarks at least is not showing much of a bottleneck with the PCI-Ex4

    For the money its very good value.
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